Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Friends, New Blogs

Here goes, folks, here's the list of new blogs I've found... if I've already listed you before, sorry!!

Ben and Holly's
Cat Guideline
Confessions of a Psychotherapist
Dgn's views on life
Full of BS
Grace, too
her indoors
Jokes by Jim
Kat's Cat of the Day
Learning Politics
Lick into shape
lifes spacings
lite kahless
PocketPC Freeware
Politics Plus
Prada Pixie
Spilling Ink in Public

Please let me know if I got a link wrong too, I was trying to be quiet when I did this list. Please share the love, give them a visit, and say hi!


n said...

Thank you Lynx217! I liked your comment on my blog, thought i'd pop over here to say hello! x

jumpinginpuddles said...

here i was saying thankyou for visiting us and here i am again saying the same, i picked your link up from a comment you made recently and i always try an visit anyone who visits us that we know of.
I have added you to our favourites so even if im not out you will still get visited lol maybe not the same sport of comment as mine but a comment non e the less heheheehe


Kahless said...

Thanks for the link.
Not meaning to be greedy, but Random Kahless is also worth a visit! Follow the link from Lite Kahless.

Dgn said...

Hey, thanks for the comment, I greatly appreciated it. I came over to thank you and .. Im quite surprised to find a link to my own blog :) Its weird to me that anyone actually reads my ramblings, let alone link to them.. Anywho, thank you :)