Saturday, September 8, 2007


I must admit I've not been in the best of mood lately. It's not
necessarily anything anyone's done or said, it's more of little stuff
here and there that's dragging me down. Add in the fact that summer's
almost over, leading into the dreaded winter freeze. I seriously
believe this winter will be colder than normal, which I dread, hating
the cold as much as I do. I wish it could be 75 all the time and just
the perfect little breeze. But that just don't happen, and I am well
aware of that. I guess I will just have to get a sleeping bag and camp
out in my front room all winter, where hopefully I will be able to at
least stay warm enough to not hurt all over from the arthritis which
seems to seep deeper and deeper into my joints every winter. But we
will cross this bridge later... The heat isn't QUITE over yet.
I took Curzon out this evening, and he got to see his first cadydid,
you know one of them noisy summer bugs (not cicadas). Well this feller
was big, the biggest bug Curzon's EVER laid eyes on. No he didn't kill
it, much to my disappointment. He did take me on a sprint when it flew
off on him though! Luckily he had 6' of lead so I didn't get tugged
too hard. For those of you who've never experienced getting pulled by
a cat, I pity you. It's an experience like nothing before, especially
considering you're talking human vs CAT. But when you're scrawny and
own one of the largest breeds of domestic cat, it happens. I'm just
glad that Curzon didn't torture the bug, though he was quite curious.
I'm sure he was thinking in his ever-working head, "What the fuck is
this big flying bug?" LOL
Nimbus is doing well, though I'm still trying to figure out how we're
going to come up with the $ for his checkup in November. Hopefully
we'll be in better standing financially then, and it won't be such an
issue. I just worry about the guy's heart. He's the sweetest cat I've
ever known, and I want him alive and well as long as possible. And by
the way, his scratched up ear is doing well, healing quite fast.
Within another week or so I am hopeful he will be healed up completely
and we can see how much of a scar he will have. But the cat seems to
be making a big shagrin out of it, as if he's proud of it! His mother
went to whack him today and he just lifted his head and his chest and
she just ended up grazing past him, only ruffling up his fur slightly!
I want to send out a big congratulations to my cousin and his wife.
They were FINALLY able to close on the house they've been trying to
lock up for what seems to be ages now. The drama, none of it their own
doing, was getting annoying, especially to them, who had to scale down
their little girl's birthday party. Luckily, little Em won't remember
this in a few years, when she's had several big parties in their new
house. I wish them all the best and I hope you all find something to
do with all that newly found space you suddenly have! LOL
I want to thank all of my new readers again for the friendly comments
and making me feel important. Please pardon me if I go off on a
political rant from h***, it's something I'm very good at doing, and
being American, I feel it's my duty as such too! Lol...
So off I go...
Does anyone in their right mind think Hillary Clinton can win the
presidential election? She's a retard! I have no idea what Bill saw in
that woman, she surely doesn't come off as a bright, intelligent woman
to me. She comes off as just another political puppet to me. That's
kind of the draw of Giulliani, sadly as he's Republican. He doesn't
seem to mind standing where he stands, even if it means standing toe
to toe with his own party. However, I really just don't like some of
his policies either, but considering the pool, I fear that I'm truly
going to have to settle for the lesser of the evils. I hate this too
as I'm always trying to be the eternal optimist. But if we're going to
see real true change, we must first start by fixing the electoral
college, as its intent is good, but it's been screwed up lately. ONE
state should not be enough to decide the presidency, especially when
we're talking a state that can't seem to even operate their voting
machines or a state who can't seem to see past labels to see the
damage being done by their party.
My PocketPC rebooted itself again today as I went to switch batteries,
so I lost the last two blog ideas I had, but it'll be ok. I'll come
across them again in the news and rant then. Luckily I didn't loose
the whole blog, just the title. WHEW. Otherwise I'd be furious. And
I'd just backed up not but a couple days ago so I didn't lose much,
just a couple birthdays in my contact list. Oh well. I fixed them.
So much for me having the bed to myself as I get ready to wrap this
up, send it along, and go to sleep. There WAS just enough room between
Jadzia and Nimbus to slip my legs in and go to sleep, but now Curzon's
decided to join us, and there goes my leg room. Someone's going to
have to move... Which cat, we shall see... So off I go for the night,
be well folks... Peace! And I know this is going to say Saturday on
it, but it's Friday night's blog, it just took me almost an hour to
type it, so it got sent out Saturday morning!


Jeannine said...

Why do you think it's going to be a cold winter this year? I hadn't really thought about it yet to be honest so I'm curious.

the Prince of Thrift said...

Personally, and sad to say, I think the Dem's will nominate Hillary. The Republican's are much more of a toss up, and I don't think the winner will be Gulliani.

Personally, my first choice for the primaries is Sam Brownback. And since nobody has won the nomination without getting a top 3 spot in the Iowa Straw Polls, and he took #3 in this years, he would be a contender. Then again this time may be different, but we will see.

btw, thanks for visiting my of the Top 100 personal finance blogs online (making it, the #1 personal finance blog in Topeka, Kansas).