Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Opus" Backlash

You know what really gets me, is how insensitive we have become towards Islam that we don't dare poke a little fun - or even appear to - at their culture or traditions, yet we do it freely and often to both Jewish and Christian culture. Are we that afraid that we are going to trigger another terrorist attack? I got news, folks... If they're going to attack us again, they will regardless of what some comic strip writer prints. They have enough reasons to, they don't really care, except as to act as a reason to drive more fear into our hearts.
For those of you who aren't aware of what's going on, the last two Sunday's "Opus" comic strip has focused on one of the featured character's journey, this time exploring Islam and its clothing. She decides to don the traditional clothing because it's suddenly "cool" to wear it. But in this last week's strip you see her changing slightly as she suddenly decided that she was more mature than to be so subject to "fads" which change so quickly. But you also see her not willing to go to the beach in the yellow polka dot bikini.
I'm not condoning poking fun at people based on such trivial stuff as clothing or other features. But if it opens up the dialog to help us understand other people, then perhaps its needed. And in all honesty, if you can't laugh a little bit, and see a little bit of yourself in a strip once in a while, then you need a reality check.
Both Walter and I have ventured into this area before, as have other blogger friends of mine. How often do we find ourselves forced to rethink everything we once believed or thought we knew, yet we're so stuck in our rut we can't just jump out and explore the world? We waste time, experience, and sometimes money because we only take baby steps out because we do not have the bravery and/or confidence to go out and change the world with one giant step.
So what is your deicision today? Will you be like the newspapers that stopped running the "Opus" strip out of fear of reprisal or controversy? Or will you put aside what other people MIGHT say or think and set out to change the world - or at least understand it - better?


Walter parker said...

It is not sensitivity to Islam that is the Problem. It is the fear of the repercussions of speaking out against Islam that is the problem.

Christians and Jews are seen as softer targets with little fear of physical retaliation. The same cannot be said about anything negative said of Islam.

Kahless said...

I agree with walter. The same problem exists in most countries. We are letting the terrorists prevail by our fear.