Thursday, September 6, 2007

Grocery Store Stupidity

Some grocery stores make no sense to me. I never understood why cheese is so far away from milk, both usually require being cold, both are made out of the same stuff - at least usually. And then there's the carbonated water - two aisles away from the sodas. And then you have the toilet bowl cleaner - an aisle away from the toilet paper, yet the trash bags are in the same aisle as the toilet paper. Wegmans makes no sense to me. If it wasn't for their meat and cheese selection, I think Giant would've put them out of business by now. The cheeses are right next to or near the milk, even the parmo. Stuffing is at the end of an aisle near the poultry. They actually STOCK Bisquick. And Giant is as cheap if not cheaper than Wegmans, and its sad that here, Wegmans is actually reasonably priced! Almost everything is cheaper than at Wegmans, but not by far. It's not like Acme, where a small bag of cat food costs as much as a big one does elsewhere. Let's see, 7lb for 10 at Acme, or 18lb for 10 or so at either Wegmans or Giant. Give me a break. A 7lb bag should not cost more than 5. Proportionally, it should be 4 or so. But oh well. And you ever try to get a Wegmans Shoppers Card? They don't make it easy, its like opening a bank account almost! I'd venture to say that 995 get the cards only so the store isn't ripping them off with the "price without card" prices. Anyways, enough of my Wegmans rant. My Aussie readers are lost.
So what's going on in your corner of the world? Read anything interesting today? Or even better, change someone's life, or at least lighten it? I've been accused of over pampering before, but I don't think that's possible. Whether it's a software developer who truly cares about making the users happy and putting out the finest product (shouldn't he be complimented a time or two at least?) or a friend who stands by you when you're not exactly good company or are having a blonde moment and can't seem to figure out the simplest tasks, we all need words of encouragment now and then. I'm just more than happy to do it, that's all.
On the cat front, Nimbus must've gotten in a good boxing match with Uncle Curzon, as he has a good gash on the outside of his right ear. Luckily it didn't QUITE go all the way through, but it's liable to leave a scar. But as I was giving him his morning scritchies today, I noticed there's a little nip missing out of his left ear! How did the both of us miss THAT injury!?! And why does my prince have more battle scars than my alpha cat? It seems like the worst that happens to my boy is some fur gets pulled out. So either he's a good defensive boxer or Nimbus just hasn't learned how to protect his head yet. In either case, a cat doesn't learn and hone their skills without using them! Well, except my girl... She'll run from most boxing matches, but when Curzon doesn't get the point that she's not in the mood, watch out! She's the bad@ss with the fishhook claws!
Anyways folks, off I go for now, I've got two more blogs in the wings but I'm suddenly not in the mood to write much. See ya'll on the flip.


Chopski said...

Why's the cat called Uncle Curzon?

Lynx217 said...

Curzon is his name, and his twin sister is the greycat's mother! So, being his sister's boy, that makes them uncle n nephew, so they're cats... lol so what?

Pixie said...

thought I'd say hello even though I have no idea about the shops you are talking about but don't suppose that matters much.

Lynx217 said...

thx for stopping by px, btw yall feel free to drop me a line in email too... I don't mind. east coast US sucks when it comes to cost of living, wish I was back in the midwest.

Kahless said...

Hi lynx, wondered how you found my blog then I come here and recognise chopski and Pixie.
Your shops mean nowt to me either but the illogical ordering of the items in the aisles happens here in the uk too. They just want us to buy more product.

Lynx217 said...

No, they want you in there as long as possible to make us walk out with so much we cant carry so we're stuck! LOL jk

Cheryl said...

Ya know, I don't comment regularly, but I always read what you have to say, and never go away not impressed. I love your knowledge and your passion. I'm envious.

We don't have Wegman's yet, but 2 are coming in 2009 and everyone's psyched. I went to one, once, and was overwhelmed. I thought I'd like to hang out upstairs with my laptop and a cup of coffee and watch people. That's just me. I guess we'll find out the reality of the store once it's here. I do all my shopping at the local Weis, but my favorite is Trader Joe's for the good stuff.