Monday, September 17, 2007


Someone (she shall remain nameless) asked me why I thought it was going to be a harsh winter. I pointed out that usually things tend to mirror the weather down under, and Aussieland had some very weird weather this go 'round. Also, our summer was mild (we didn't have but a couple 100 degree days I don't think), and now the worst of it. IT'S WINTER ALREADY! Ok I'm being a little overdramatic, but dangnabit, it's too dang early to be nearing frost already! It's only 17 days into September, and the lows have already dipped into the 30s! WTF?!? It's too early for the heater! *gag* Never mind that awful first-use heater smell! Luckily, since we still had the AC on (it wasn't supposed to get THIS chilly), it wasn't freezing in here. I only switched over to heat to take the nip out of the air as it was probably somewhere between 68-70 inside. That's a wee chilly for a not-even-100lb woman LMAO. Cats love it for sure - Maine Coons are built for the cold, and even if they aren't coons (and we know Nimbus is at least half-mutt), they weigh enough to keep themselves warm! Now if you will excuse me folks, today seems to be pick on Jadzia day already and so I feel I must step in and love up on her as I head in for a long hot soak. I want to apologize also for my quite extended silence, I've kept up with a few of you, but not like I should. Heck there's quite a few other things online I normally check daily that I haven't checked on recently. So just be patient, and sorry to concern some of you... it's been a chaotic week, and I can only hope this week won't be so bad, though today is sure to be!

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Shimmy said...

Same in Chicago. I've been sleeping on piles of blankets for days now.

(And you're tagged in today's posting.)