Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What the fuck? Who in their insanity at MSNBC decided an appropriate
way to mark the anniversary of September 11 was to rebroadcast their
coverage of the attacks? Who in their right mind...???? Did they not
think of all the people getting up in the morning turning on the tv
hearing that weren't going to panic first then come to the realization
that they were just rebroadcasting the tapes? Ok fine, rebroadcast
them. But not in the morning, when it happened... and have a voice
every time you break for advertisements or every 10 minutes remind
people that it's just a rebroadcast. Did they not understand the
trauma they could cause? Much less some of us NEVER want to see that
again. There are those of us who can't even look at old pictures of
NYC and not cry. There are those of us who look at an empty field in
PA and cry. Thousands of people lost friends, sons, daughters,
spouses, or coworkers on that dreadful day? I am about to quit
watching MSNBC altogether, except for two shows I still want to watch.
I cannot believe someone in the heirarchy decided this was a good way
to commemorate such a horrific tragedy on American soil. I doubt the
same will be done in England or Spain. Have we lost all sensibility?
I'm not one for censorship, we all know this. But this is just plain
stupidity. Sell the tapes for $20 and send all of the money to the
victims' fund or to the memorial in PA. But please, do NOT broadcast
those tapes ever again on tv. The next time there's tragedy as such, I
don't want to have the "is it real or a rebroadcast of another event"
slowing my reaction if there needs to be one. God please, there isn't
much more some of us can take. Please don't make this last much
longer. Some of us are ready to just fight it out and be done. I for
one am ready, let's just get this over with so we can either go back
to a more peaceful existence as humans and focus on other important
issues like finding the cure for cancer or rid this planet of all the
humans, separate the souls, and let the angels do the fighting. I am
wary, Lord, let me rest. Enough of the terror and people claiming to
be Your children using their faith in Your name to commit L*****'s
bidding. Let Gabriel blow that trumpet... I'm not afraid. I know
you'll welcome ALL Your children home with open arms.


her indoors said...

well said! surely they can not be for real to re-run the original tapes like that! people will always remember 9/11 there is definately no need to re broadcast it, one word for whoever decided to do this ASSHATS

PJ said...

I was watched part of it, very un nerving to say the least

Kahless said...

Hi Lynx,
No they didn't rebroadcast 9/11 in full in the uk on any channel to my knowledge. But a few weeks ago a satalite station did rebroadcast the coverage of Princess Diana's death.

DJ Kirkby said...

Why oh why oh why rebrodcast that? Ridiculous!

Cheryl said...

I didn't turn on the TV and had no clue they did this. How utterly horrible. I saw those scenes enough times when it happened to last a lifetime.