Monday, September 10, 2007

Update to Yesterday's Blog

Ok folks, I'm back home, honestly have been for a good half hour. Jeremy, I'm so sorry I left you off my blogroll so long, why didn't you tell me you weren't there? I feel like smacking myself upside the head for not noticing my obi-wan nerd isn't on my list! :) Lemme tell ya folks, he's bout as a techie nerd as you can get - but without the nerd-ittude! Sht, we all know I don't deal with attitudes too well... ROFL
Checked my mail on my way in from the errands, there's a "card" from my bank... Man I was hoping that they were giving me money! But noooo.. just a "thank you" for being with them for a year. Where's the thank you gift? How bout that $25 OD charge back for being less than a dollar under a few months back? Or even a $5 Wawa gift card? That'd buy a few days' newspapers at least! For being such a huge corporate conglomerate, they sure are cheap - unless they're TAKING! But could be worse... some banks charge double that for OD's nowadays, and some charge extra for every DAY you're under.
I've decided I need to redo my mobile mp3 list. It hasn't changed in months and it's starting to get boring. Yes I know I should probably just get an ipod, but I don't need any more gadgets! What I NEED is a bigger CF card!
So anyways folks, here's the list of the rest of the blogs and Jeremy's first of course, since I've been so stupid apparently the last few months.

I also wanna send out another big congrat to cuz for getting that house wrapped up, and a TY to my roommate (who isn't even online but who cares!) for taking care of the straightening and dishes for me yesterday while I was out hauling cat litter home. Those cats weren't very happy with me, but I made it up to them, them... rotten spoiled brats! Not only did they get a whole box full of fresh cat litter, they got 2 cans of canned food AND a little cow milk! Spoiled brats! lol Yes I give my cats an occasional dip into the cow milk, but it's rarely more than once a month, often several months inbetween. They get canned food more often than cow milk - cept during the big pet food recall. Even still, though I know Purina's all good, you can still catch me in front of the canned food reading labels! Watch out folks, some companies are still using glutens in their canned food and treats! And some of the recalled brands of dry dog food are still being sold. I don't care if they've changed formulations of glutens, I don't want ANY glutens in my animals' food. I don't know about you but I don't trust them.
Speaking about coming home from errands too... I want to know which one of these furballs left me a "present" at the door!! It's grey, so I'm going to bet Nimbus finally got that hairball up but I'm not putting any bets against either of the twins. What a way to ruin my lunch ya furballs! Anywho, I really should go, I still have to do some light housework (pick up in the bathroom, make the bed, finish dishes) and haul up laundry when its done drying, and after that haul yesterday, I feel like doing NONE of it!
I hope everyone is well and please stop by all of my readers' blogs and say hi, or at least wave!


Cheryl said...

Nice look, bright colors. I like it. Thanks for including me in your favorite blogs.

I'm just astounded and dismayed at the cost of this senseless war. Shocking!

Jeannine said...

Yes, your blog looks really nice. :-)