Monday, September 10, 2007


You know, I have to say I've been very heavy in the heart the last two days or so. The anniversary of 9/11/01 being tomorrow doesn't help. One must look back and ask if we learned anything from that tragic day, if we learned our lessons, if we're any safer. Sadly, I don't think we learned enough. We're still war-hungry, now more than ever it seems. We're still sticking our noses where it doesn't need to be. We still can't secure our borders, much less our ports. Hell, it's been proven so many times that things that SHOULDN'T ever be allowed on planes can still get through. And now there's rumors that the terrorists' next target is our schools. SCHOOLS folks. They no longer apparently are happy just killing us. They now want our kids dead too. What the fuck are we doing in Iraq? We need to have every available boot we got in Afghanistan hunting down these @ssholes. We need to dedicate the funds we're not spending in Iraq then to bolster our domestic protections. We need to snatch up all these illegals and pay them minimum wage or whatever to build our fence. I hate to say it, but it's time we start rounding up all of these extremists and make it a federal offense punnishable by a minimum 30 year sentence to threaten violence upon this country, its citizens, or interests abroad. We need to get our heads out of our @sses and get down to business. But at the same time we must not cough up our rights that have been continuously stripped away unecessarily by the Patriot Act. We must show ourselves to be better than these terrorists. We must light our beacon even brighter, to show the world we are truly the nation where dreams come true and you are truly free to be whoever you want to be. We must get back to our morals. We've become too egotistical, "greater than thou" attitudes will only be our demise. We must mobilize folks. I don't care if you're Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. We free-spirited folks must unite against extremists within our own sects and outside of them as well. We MUST gather our armies - spiritual and physical - to combat these legions of evil. We MUST defeat them, or they will not stop until we're all either radicalized or dead, men, women, and children. Now I'm all worked up and locked out of the other things I wanted to talk about. Get my point folks, we MUST get back to God, gather our armies regardless of sect (we're ALL God's children), and win this war before it goes nuclear. Peace folks.

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