Friday, October 5, 2007

Obama's "patriotism"

Ok, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama nailed his coffin. Never mind Hillary Clinton is leading the pack by so much she might be uncatchable (unfortunately). Now Obama refuses to wear his USA Flag lapel pin because to him it is a sign of phony patriotism, that it's more of a status symbol than anything apparently. I can't even figure out how to phrase it right, it's so ludacris! Get off your high horse, Obama. The Red White and Blue is the sign of all signs of how far our country has come for independence and freedom. On a side note, HIP HIP HORRAY to the old Vet in Reno Nevada who cut down the flags outside of some business. The story: the idiot who owned the business was flying the Mexican flag above OUR flag. A******! If you love Mexico so much, GO BACK. WE DON'T WANT YOU. This is the USA. It is against FEDERAL LAW to fly any flag higher than our flag except on embassy grounds (as that ground is that country's soil). GO HOME. And thank you to that elderly Vet for cutting it down and leaving it on the ground, taking our beloved flag home with him where it'd be treated with the reverence thousands upon thousands of soldiers have died to defend.


Cheryl said...

A lot of people probably do wear the flags for the wrong reason. But that's his reason for not wearing one? Bad move.

Kahless said...

Tell me why dont you like Hilary Clinton?

I am a brit and dont follow much USA politics btw.

Lynx217 said...

Hillary is a dumb@ss b**** for one.