Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why I've Been So Quiet

I apologize for my silence as of late, but after week before last week's chaos, I decided to kick back and enjoy the silence last week. I'm glad I did, because the chaos is back. My upstairs neighbor is on vacation so I'm apartment/cat sitting this week, which, on it's own, would be fine. But add in my allergies going at it like you wouldn't believe (thanks to the through-the-roof mold spores outside) making me nausious on top of stuffed up, ugh! Plus my normal housework too, which I've been neglecting for the most part. But tomorrow I'll vaccum and clean the bathroom. I'm not mopping the floors, they've barely been walked on! And no matter when I fall asleep, even if at 1am or later, I start waking up at 6am, which causes me to toss and turn and start off my day grumpy. It doesn't help a piece of our carpet is missing, much to Curzon's happiness as he has a place to make an even bigger hole now! And never mind trying to keep it hidden until my property manager can come patch it (he's carpeting a vacant apartment so he'll have spare) because Curzon will move it! Grrr... cats... love em, but they sure know how to drive me crazy lately! But the main reason I've been so quiet is something I've thought long and hard about even publishing for the world to know... Not because it's so private, but because to me it's so embarassing!
Let me provide some background. As an only child in a single-parent home with a very protective mother (my cousins can verify that LOL), my Mom wouldn't let me do anything that might cause injury, both for worry's sake and the fact we couldn't afford it. So, no badminton team in school, no rollerblading lessons, no bicycle lessons. NOPE. Not happening. So here I am, 27, and still can't ride a bike (and it's obvious with my lack of balance WHY my Mom thought better of teaching me how to ride a bike when I was young). But I have a neighbor who's son isn't much shorter than me and the two of them have been spending the last few days trying to teach an old cat a new trick. HA! I wish I could say I've been more successful as I've been trying for nearly a week now, but I still can't get past that first full revolution without losing balance. If I'd started out younger with wimpier muscles and a hint of coordination still in me, I'd surely have gotten it faster. But my legs are much more efficient for walking now and any force I put on either pedal sets me keeling that direction, and shifting my weight the other way doesn't seem to be very effective either. Luckily, last Friday, I bought a new backpack on wheels for my grocery shopping so I no longer have to haul home 20lb on my little back. I'm hopeful I'll have this bike riding thing down soon, but I don't think I'll meet my goal of getting it by the end of this week. But we shall see. I'm not giving up hope... yet.
So that is what's going on in my corner of the world, I sincerely hope all is well with all of you, my blogger friends. Please accept my sincerest apologies in not writing or commenting on your blogs sooner, but know I will get to all of you soon!


her indoors said...

go ride that bike girl you can do it!

Cheryl said...

And when you finally 'get it' with the bike riding? You'll feel like you've known how to do it forever. Good for you! It's never too late.

jumpinginpuddles said...

hope the allergies stop soon and riding a bike well done fly like the wind :D