Monday, April 7, 2008


I just realized I haven't blogged (or written at all) lately, and some of you are probably wondering what has happened to me. Well rest assured I'm fine, I just spent my two days off yesterday and today relaxing. Yesterday I probably gamed the whole day away on a new game for the xbox (well new to me at least). I found the cheat code list (I only use the health and the wanted level cheats) so that I didn't die so quick and could actually advance in the game (I go cheat-free the second time around, I like to play each of my favorite games several times, as I tend to find tricks each time). So yesterday I was pretty much glued to the bed, under the blankets, eyes glued to the tv screen. I really needed the rest too as I was feeling a wee under the weather Saturday.
My umbrella came Saturday, as a matter of fact, as I was walking towards my apartment, the mailman who delivered it was just pulling out, so it didn't have the chance to get stolen (but that doesn't happen around here anyways luckily). Plus it was such a nice day my neighbor was on the porch so there was no danger at all of THAT one vanishing. This one is white (the last one was black) and has no trimming (I need every inch of viewspace sometimes). Other than that it's the same clear domed umbrella, and I am very happy to have one again... AGAIN! I haven't taken it out and opened it fully yet, only a little bit to make sure it was indeed domed and not broken (I'd have to throw a fit then). I'm just so happy that I won't have to get wet again... ahhh. But now how to keep it from getting stolen at work... I think I'll have to secure it to my backpack, but the real danger's when I'm in a rush out the door to get on the bus (I almost left without my glasses Saturday and had to literally run back to get them as I was not about to let THEM get stolen). (Speaking of glasses... I really should have them on... oh well LOL.)
Today was errands day, and my neighbor's birthday. (Happy Birthday, E!!) So I got the first load of laundry in the washer then headed out. I stopped at the thrift store and got a couple things including a "100% leather coat" (I hope it's true) for $5! What a deal, even if it isn't real (and it's heavy enough to be real lol). So it's in my backpack for tomorrow as tomorrow afternoon's supposed to be nice. If it's not too windy tomorrow morning I might just wear it into work. I then went to my bank to get more quarters and replenish the bus money I used at the thrift store (though I learned that I can write checks at the thrift store, but I never have my checkbook on me because no one else accepts them anymore), then off to the pharmacy for a birthday card (which she liked, I always get funny ones), and then to the convenience store for a few things. Mr. Cat was worried about me (and thank goodness I was close to home when he called because I forgot to turn my cell back on "outdoor" mode as I keep it on "silent" while I'm at work) as I took so long to get home, but I had a lot of places to go! Luckily they were all in a row so I wasn't going out of my way at all.
Tomorrow is back to work and my wrist (unfortunately, my right one as I'm nearly completely dependent on my right hand) is killing me, like it's saying it can't take too much more of moving stuff around. Figure 5lb x 250... that's about how much I move in a day, one-handed. So to say my wrist is sore is an understatement, but it's held up well. I am hopeful that it holds out and starts to feel better. I put some Icy Hot on it earlier and it has helped a bit, as having it wrapped up did earlier. Before I go to bed tonight I will re-wrap it, though it will make sleeping on the hand hard (but that surely hasn't helped either lol).
I am trying to keep my mood up right now but it's hard. It's been a very emotionally and mentally taxing time for me, with all the BS going on at work and within what's left of my family. One part doesn't even know what's going on with the other, and no one seems to care about anyone except those they deal with on a daily basis. So I've set my mind to focusing on MY "family" - Mr. Cat, Jadzia, Curzon and Nimbus hehe.
Speaking of Nimbus...
Our former neighbors came by today to see their cats and the rest of the gang, and stopped in for a few minutes. Mind you they haven't seen my cats in ages, probably close to a year, and Nimbus has done a LOT of growing in that time. So I went to pick him up, and he must have known why I was picking him up, because instead of trying to slither away like he normally does, he stretched out and showed just how long he's gotten! I think their eyes just about popped out of their heads, and the one even took a feel of his head just to find out he really IS that big, head included! Nimbus may be my "baby" but he's the monster of the three lol. But he is the gentlest of the three as well, and always the first one I introduce to new people. I figure if my sweet love-everybody cat doesn't like you, you're good as gone from my house! It wouldn't be fair to use Jadzia for such a purpose as she doesn't even like being held by ME much less being NEAR anyone else. And Curzon's getting unpredictable in his old (6 years) age (LOL), moody at times, like this morning (Mr. Bitey *grumble). So Nimbus is a good starting spot, and he loves it anyways. He's such a people-cat... and a cat's cat.
Anyways, I'm off for now to see if I can get a quick grub on before bed, though I think I'll just go for oatmeal. I really do need to start eating more before bed, as hopefully I won't burn it off so friggin' quick and maybe not be so queasy in the morning. If only my stomach would let me eat breakfast.... *sigh* Picky belly.

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sorry we havent been around lately but we are now trying to find more spaces in our day to get to all of our blogging freinds thankyou for your support and patience.


we hope wqork is ok for you and the wrist doesnt get too sore and the umbrella has a chance for a good airing LOL