Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not everything that starts well ends well

Wow, what a day. It started yesterday...
I was talking to a few of my buddies on messenger on my pda, and talking to one of my neighbor's daughter. I wasn't paying attention and wouldn't you know, I spilled my tea all over my pda's keyboard. Luckily I caught it instantly and threw the keyboard over to shake as much of the liquid out as possible, dry it off, and then let it dry. The good news is that it still works completely. Only one letter even sticks, the "o" key. But it comes back up, it's just a little slower and a little louder. It doesn't affect my typing at all, not like my finger seeming to miss the "h" all the time LOL.
Then last night just got rough, and I got to sleep WAY too late. But it's ok, I managed just fine in the end today.
This morning when I headed out to work, I was just up the street maybe a block from home, and I heard a voice yelling... obviously not at me, and I knew it was probably someone walking a dog that got loose... and I was right... Next thing I knew, just on the other side of a building from me across the street, two full-grown deer came running full-speed from an open grassy area across the street and through the parking lot of the building I was on the other side of. Then comes this little dark-furred dog, no bigger than Jadzia, loose, chasing these two full-grown deer! And then the dog's owner and his other dog came running, chasing the dog that was chasing the deer! That kinda tells you how much open space is still around here, even in tightly-packed suburbs. Sometimes we get deer! But it was the first time I got to see deer THAT up close, much less come only a dozen feet - if that - away from being run over! I wasn't scared, it was actually quite exhilarating!
Unfortunately the day did not end well. I was actually doing a station at work I enjoy, though most people detest it so much. But the girl that did my station didn't finish her job before she booked out of there without telling anyone this morning (she never tells anyone she's going, just goes when her time comes). So I had to stay an extra half hour after I was scheduled to leave to clean up and do everything she didn't do. Of course, she just happens to be the manager's pet so it's not like any amount of complaining is going to be effective, if I were to do so. Oh well.
But I got a lead on another job possibility, that will probably pay slightly less, and may be less hours at first, but seems to be a LOT easier than anything I'm doing now. And how much do you value less stress, more sleep, and an easier job? I think even if I got bumped down 50 cents an hour, I'd be happier and it'd be worth it. And right now the stress and annoyances of this job are becoming overwhelming. My job isn't supposed to be this stressful day in and day out, I've done this before and know it for a fact. It's not even the money stressing me out! I see a check less than $250 and just sigh, doesn't even stress me out or even frustrate me, so atypical of me!
So tonight I am going to (try to at least) sleep better than last night, and tomorrow I will probably check into the job prospect and treat myself to a hair trimming so that my hair can finish growing... G******N SPLIT ENDS! I miss the Pantene spray they once had that came in small glass bottles that you just sprayed in, worked in, and let dry, that helped prevent damaged hair without making it feel any different. It was the best, and if I'd known it was going to vanish, I would've stocked up on it years ago!
So off I go to bed... goodnight my dear friends and see you all on the flip side.
PS: the new leather coat is warmer than I thought... except in wind :/ so I'm happy about that too!

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Walter parker said...

There are bad days and some not so bad days aren't there? Well at least you are surviving for the moment. That is something to be thankful for. We trust that the new job prospect if it works out will deliver less stress and more job satisfaction and lead to even better things