Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alter Ego

First of all, sorry for the late blog... I had a long(er) day... longer than expected, and longer than physically tolerable, but I survived. And now I'm half awake instead of only a quarter :( and it's past my bedtime already :((((

So here's my blog, quick as it is, as I was thinking about it all day.

In the back of your mind, do you have that alter ego, not necessarily that comes out or you want to become, but someone you let yourself drift into to get away from reality? Like do you go play your games (whether on a computer or console... you get my drift) and get so intertwined with it that for a while you become that character in that game? Or do you dive into a book and suddenly you're seemingly in the storyline?

I remember as a child being told that those "escapes" were just fantasies and they were evil... But as I grew up and moved on with my life, I've realized they're what hold me on to sanity (so long as I put down the controller before I get too frustrated lol). There are days like today when I just want to strangle the idiots that called in sick (though one can't help it, her kiddo is sick), and it's so much better for me to blast a few CGI gang-bangers' heads off than even raise a voice towards a coworker, not like it'd do any good anyways (and would probably get me fired).

So, along the lines of some of the previous blogs (by me and others), how are you coping with your life? Are you making yourself even more stressed out because you are so uptight and not venting your stress in a safe manner? Or are you allowing yourself to "escape" from reality and getting lost in something (allowing your brain to relax)??

It's not the games that make the people evil... it's the inability to separate CGI from IRL.

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