Monday, April 21, 2008

An Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Blog LOL

Well here we are, it's Monday, and I don't know about you, but at
least here it seems to be another gloomy, dreary day, even without the
rain and all the dark ominous clouds. The overcast is enough to make
it seem worse than it is outside.
I just want to touch on a few things I've been wanting to write about
but haven't had as much time as I'd like to write them all down.
What is up with the high gas prices? And how in the world do these
high school kids afford it and still drive to school? If I were a kid
still in school, even IF I had a car, I wouldn't drive to school
unless I had to with these high gas prices! I'd save that gas money
for going to work or something else. I'd make sure to have my work
schedule give me enough time to catch the school bus home. How many of
us remember when gas was less than HALF the price it is now? I think
that'd be all of us LOL... I remember SELLING gas a decade ago at a
convenience store and people grumbling when gas went up to $1.10 a
gallon!!!! Can you imagine if it was that price now? Any store that
did that would be out of fuel in a matter of a few hours at most! But
maybe this is what we need... Sad and painful as it is. Maybe this is
what it takes to make us all take a stand and force our government and
businesses to do more... To create cheaper and better cars that run
much further on much less gas, or even on something else completely...
To give tax incentives to businesses and individuals who invest in
helping us become less oil-dependent. I'm not talking about saving the
environment. I'm talking about freeing us from the death-grasp of the
Saudis and other oil-rich nations which literally have us at their
feet begging for more oil. Maybe it's time too we all have our own
gardens, so we can at least grow some of our own food. We can't all
grow our own wheat, but even one or two tomato plants can help out, as
we won't be needing to use as much diesel to ship tomatoes from other
countries in. Perhaps this is also good for our tourism industry. We
can't afford to go overseas as much on vacation, so maybe some of us
will rediscover the beauty right here in our own country. And those in
other countries that aren't struggling as much financially can more
afford to come visit us and pump money into our economy instead of
vice versa. Just a few thoughts... LOL
And what's up with these friggin' creeps in Texas? Who in their right
mind thinks its ok to make a woman start making babies before she's
even fully grown up herself? I'm sorry the LAST thing on my mind at 13
or 14 was finding a husband and having kids. I was just too set on
just getting through that day! These men are creeps, pedophiles at
that. There are reasons why Texas doesn't allow teenagers to marry...
Because in many ways, especially mentally, they're still growing up,
part kid, part adult. They don't need the added burdens of parenthood!
And have you noticed it was only the girls forced into young marriages
and not the young boys? PERVERT ALERT! Geez. I don't give one rat's
@ss that it MAY have been a hoax call that brought about the warrants
to search of the YFZ Ranch. They needed to have gone in even earlier.
The point is that there are now over 400 young women and girls who now
are going to require extensive therapy to undo all the brainwashing
they have been forced to endure, and to help them get through the
trials that lay ahead. May God give them the strength to break free
from this outrageous slander on God's word and the church which
expelled them years and years ago.
Ok now on to something everyone's more familiar with me ranting on...
Everyone raise a finger who's sick and tired of the mud-slinging and
negativity that has become the mainstay of the Democratic campaign.
And those of us in PA are doubly sick of it, and I for one can't wait
for Tuesday - and even better November and January - to be over. I've
been trying to decide IF I will even vote in the primary (as an
independent, I'm prohibited from the Democrats' primary by PA DNC
rules), and who I will vote for in November. I'm leaning towards
hoping Obama emerges from this campaign season the winner, because I'm
not sure if Clinton or McCain will kill us first. I fear Clinton's
domestic policies, and McCain's foreign policies. Neither one has much
of a brain economically, and this is especially sad for Mrs. Clinton
as she of all people should. But I don't trust one word she says
either... Sadly.
So I guess I should set down my IDEAL president characteristics...
1. Politically independent of ALL parties.
2. Removing tax breaks and loopholes that benefit the rich overwhelmingly.
3. Respects life but understands that the government doesn't need to
stick its nose into private affairs so is politically pro-choice even
though personally they're pro-life.
4. Supports using tax money to help support research into curing
diseases that affect all our citizens, like heart disease, cancer, and
all the forms of dementia (everyone knows the main one I'm thinking
about but I'm not about to try to spell it).
5. Willing to go against the advice of advisors when the country's
best interests dictate it, and doesn't mind sometimes not having the
public's full approval either, but explaining why.
6. Willing to use powers of executive order to restore Constitution to
stature and legal strength it once had.
7. Prohibits lobbyists from DC altogether, and instead takes more
letters and emails from the citizens.
I know there's so much more, but right now I'm starting to get a case
of writer's block. But you get my point... I want an INDEPENDENT
President. One that's free of ALL influence from the rich and
corporate lobbyists.... And political parties! One that doesn't vote
or enact law based on party lines, but in the true best interest of
the country... The UNITED States of America... *sigh* Too bad we can't
resurrect George Washington or Thomas Paine... I'd even take Lincoln!
Lincoln had balls... He led a war that divided a nation in order to
ensure it's survival and long-term unity... I'm not advocating another
civil war... God, no.... We couldn't go through that again and
survive. I am merely advocating that kind of courage, strength, and
Anyways, I am off for now to enjoy what's left of my day off before I
start a long(er) week ahead (my work schedule as of late has spoiled
me into enjoying shorter days, and we ALL know how much an extra hour
can FEEL like).

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