Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here We Go Again

There will be no blogging from me for a little while at least. Our net and telephone was cut off last night (a "scheduled outage" that no one was notified of, was street-wide), and our building was not back on until after I was at work this morning (I probably didn't get through the phone until 7am if not 8), so for 12-13 hours we were without either one. Now we have crap-@ss speed to say the least and an echo in the phone. So they're setting up a trouble call - that ain't going to be taken care of for ANOTHER 24 hours! I'm so upset right now I could yell - if it would do any good! G****** F****** COMCAST! (Insert other applicable explicitives here.)


Multifuncional said...

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Cheryl said...

I feel for you. Been there. NO fun!