Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well here's the update, as best as I can understand it.
Comcast was here when I got home around 130 or so, and the tech was just able to prove what we were saying last night. The issue was in the line outside, not anything inside. The guy was actually impressed how clear our modem signal was. Apparently, some of the issues resolved themselves, as our net was fine last night after I went to bed (figures). So he sent out a maintenance call (geez), which could take 24-48 hours, just to make sure everything's ok (we still have an echo in the phone, but it's getting better). So here we are, back to square 1 all over again.
Just in case anyone's wondering, work is going ok. I still have issues, and am trying to get a different job. But the powder-free gloves came in finally and my umbrella (the first one got stolen) is in the mail, so hopefully I'll have it tomorrow.
I wish I could express fully how happy I am to have my own internet back. Think of you having your computer and pda, but being banned from the 'net except for a few hours an evening. In addition, you can't call anyone without it costing an arm and a leg. So you can imagine how frustrating it was.
The cats are doing great, as a matter of fact, right now all 3 cats are crashed out with me on the bed, the twins right next to me. Surprisingly, Jadzia actually let Curzon lay down next to her, as she's usually a space hog lol. But right now she's so sleepy I don't think she could care less. Nimbus obviously doesn't care about anything right now as he's laying UNDER the xbox controller's cord... silly cat.
And as a final thought, a closing note on Wal-Mart. There's been a lot of talk that Wal-Mart had every right to go after the former employee because of her lawsuit settlement. My God, do they really think that her hospital bills are less than a million bucks, considering the fact that she was nearly killed in the accident, has severe brain damage, cannot ever work again, has no long-term memory, and is completely dependent on others for her care? Even with TWO settlements (the lawsuit was for $1mil, but after lawyers and court fees, she got less than half of that) totalling less than a million, her husband STILL has hospital and other medical bills piling up! The provision in most employer insurance plans is in there to prevent people from making a profit off of injuries. This family will never get to that point. Shame on Wal-Mart for not having any compassion on this woman. Maybe they should take some of the money that they donate to their charities and use it to pay their people better!

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