Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some Thoughts

I'm sitting here trying to keep a headache from coming on full force (yes, I DID take a pain killer for it, but I don't want to adapt to them too quickly, so I only took one instead of 2, like it says to on the bottle lol), hanging out in the bedroom because it's warmer in here. They got the windows open out front (it's not a typical beautiful spring day here today, actually a wee chilly), so both Mr. Cat and I are hanging out in the bedroom. He's on the bed on his laptop, and I'm at my mini "desk" on my PDA. Jadzia and Nimbus are zonked out on the bed with Mr. Cat, and last I saw Curzon was hanging out in the front room. We're watching the History Channel, so typical for us. We usually fall asleep with it on, and it's a good last resort when there's nothing on tv, as is normal nowadays. I'm sipping on a soda (caffeine-free), still nursing the 12-pack Mr. Cat got me last weekend. I've done good with not getting re-addicted to the soda, even with having so much available to me. But a lot of that is due to my working my rear off so much.
So I am off for now... to enjoy some time with Mr. Cat, which seems to be so rare nowadays. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and I'll try to post one more time before MY weekend is over. I have to do laundry tomorrow, so it's out on errands tomorrow again to get the quarters I'll need for the laundry. Anyways, off to find out what Curzon has and is being so gabby about lol.

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Kahless said...

I like your new blog colours.

Walter parker said...

I hope your headache is gone now. They are a real pain at any time but more so when they just hang around, hey? Anyway, there at least, you don't suffer alone. Take care.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we have tagged you

TomCat said...

Relaxing is great when you can do it. the new digs are looking good!