Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I want to thank everyone for their compliments recently about the new blog layout. I wish I could say it was easy once I had the right template, but even then it wasn't as several of my widgets were deleted, but luckily I had the codes backed up rofl.
Today was another one of those days... running from work to the grocery store for cat litter I ended up not needing (YET), then struggling not to puke as the neighborhood creep was waiting to catch the bus the same time I was - after he got a lecturing by a cop in an unmarked squad car in the grocery store parking lot! He makes me feel spooked and creeped out in ways I can't describe - except to say I get very bad vibes off of this man. So all my senses were on double-duty considering his getting lectured by the cop and it being obvious he wasn't in a good mood.
Then the guy at the checkout register was rude... very rudely saying he was closed, after I had hauled up my TWO items... one being the 14lb jug of cat litter. AFTER I stormed away, he tried to reverse course, but I continued my trek to the customer service desk where I should've complained but didn't. I just wanted my two items, my powerball ticket, and to catch the bus on time. Ok, I was on time, but it wasn't. At least this time it was ONLY 10 minutes late!
Work was... well, work. Of course, coming off of two days off, things didn't get done, so I was hauling a LOT of boxes that I really didn't have any business moving so many times. But that's the story of life, isn't it? *sigh* But I got almost everything done, and notified my manager of what hadn't been done (two small tasks that won't take someone but 10 minutes to do, but considering I catch the bus, I wasn't coughing up those 10 minutes). Had I not needed to go to the store for the litter (or known I would still have enough in the box), I would've stayed the extra 10 minutes. But it was time I got out of there anyways. Work was causing a headache! LMAO
So I am off for now. Food is ready for me to eat, and I have places to go online (just boring PDA pages lol).

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