Sunday, May 11, 2008


I apologize for being so silent. It's not even so much about me being off today, my PDA being offline, or even me being tired. It's more about me having no desire to emerge from bed (I'm STILL in my pj's, just slipped on a pair of jeans over em and put my coat on to take out the trash) and I've had a queasy stomach all day literally. I'm not so much depressed as just gloomy - I think it's the lack of sun! Well, that and the 70s LOL. The cooler it gets outside, the cooler my mood goes. I am having to force myself to blog any as it is, thus it doesn't seem that I'm as quiet as I am. But as usually I can spend half an hour or more blogging, and I've spent a total of maybe 5 minutes lately, and I've not really caught up on my blog reading (GReader is getting loaded too lol), I really feel like I've been ignoring all of you, but I'm not trying to.
So until I'm back to me, mobile and feeling better, I'll be quiet. I'm off back to bed to play my game (as I can from bed and don't have to move from my blankets) and eat some crackers so hopefully I can eat more later. I just can't eat much with this daggum queasy stomach!
I hope all of you mothers out there had a great Mother's Day, and to mine, RIP Mom, I miss you dearly. And to the guy I met at work yesterday heading off to his Mom's funeral, I hope he finds the peace that still eludes me. And I hope he remembers the day he walked in and the one who knew exactly what he was feeling and GOING to feel for the foreseeable future and knows he can come back anytime for advice. It's what we do when we're on that path. We help those behind us just starting out.


Walter parker said...

Good blog Lynx and we hope that you are soon feeling better. Take care there.

Kahless said...

Its not too late to try and search for that peace?

Take care.