Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that work is turning me into a pig. I come home, I empty my backpack, I rarely pick back up unless I need it. For example, when it's chilly in the morning but nice in the afternoon, all of the morning's sweaters get stuffed into my backpack and unloaded when I get home, where they lay unless either I do laundry or I need them again (as they are only worn for 40 minutes usually, laundering them after one "wearing" would be ridiculous). I was doing my part to straighten the living room up a bit (seeing as I could see some was my mess, it was only right), I kept finding sweaters everywhere! Now I know where they all went! LOL Thank goodness I HAVE to do laundry this weekend, all my work clothes are dirty (and some needed to have been washed long ago). So now I'm wondering if one roll of quarters will be enough (usually that's enough for 2 loads of laundry, so long as they both dry on first run). Luckily the bank is only a mile away (easy walking distance for me), and so I guess Monday will be laundry day. This allows me to rest tomorrow, as my body desperately needs it, especially my poor wrists and mid back. The wrists aren't hurting so much right now as I just can't put any weight on them (lifting or pushing) without them hurting. I was doing too much lifting today, both just doing my daily job and doing the stocking that needed to be done. It didn't help I was also having to do things 2nd shift last night should've done, but I'm well aware that they are the lazy crew of the three. Third works their rumps off (they have to, it's a good night when there's 3 of them), and us first shift ones deal with EVERYONE so it's a madhouse, especially in the morning. But I was made aware yesterday by my manager that a couple new machines were coming in soon to replace the two that are down. So as soon as they're in and hooked up, my available productivity will increase dramatically. Of course, this will not put to end the possibility or likelihood of getting backed up, but it will lessen those events and greatly shorten their duration. So hip hip horray!
I just took a picture of Curzon I will definitely have to share as soon as I can get to it... I'm feeling too lazy now. It's him all stretched out in all his glory on his side on the floor. It's as if he was reminding me that Nimbus isn't the only long@rse boy in this crib lol (hey the twins are black, so it's a "crib" right? LOL)... I don't think Nimbus cared, he's much too happy to be under the desk for now, out of sight, out of line of attack!
The PDA is not back online yet, but Mr. Cat is aware of the situation and how to fix it. I'm in no hurry for him to fix it - it's given me one less excuse to keep me up at night - and honestly, the wifi card probably needed the breather lol. He is aware of this, as he asked today when I wanted it fixed, and told him there was no rush. I know you all probably miss me but I haven't had much to say anyways. I haven't even done any writing! Besides, I can still write on it, just save to my CF card and pop it into the PC and transfer the text. I used to blog that way for a LONG time. Then I set up mobile blogging, then I found a good blog sender, after a couple shoddy tries.
So anyways, I am off for now, maybe to do a little more straightening, maybe to nap, maybe to just call it a night. I do need to eat before I do much more though, I haven't eaten enough to call it a night yet. So goodnight my blog friends, and to those of you who have left us, either temporarily or indefinitely, I miss you and I look forward to seeing you soon.
And Walter - sorry I've been quiet lately. I'm still reading, but the "block" has my hands tied up, and so my brain hasn't been able to write very well lol.
Kahless - relax hon, it'll be ok, the doc will figure it out. just keep your chin up.
JIP - do not let ANYONE fk with your head. you are a very sweet kind and strong person. T will tell you this. you have been through WAY too much, but what doesn't break you (eventually) makes you stronger. I'm never far away if you need a shoulder, and don't worry about me, I can take it. I have a punching bag if all else fails LOL... he comes in quite handy when I need to vent, as it's very hard for me to hurt him LOLOL.

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