Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Conglomeration of Thoughts

So yesterday I found out my bank was merging with another bank. Great. They'd just merged with ANOTHER bank right before I opened my account there, so now I'm wondering what's going to change this time, other than the name. They say that nothing else will change except maybe the hours (which if they close any earlier I might have to change banks, if they shorten it too much), but isn't that what they ALWAYS say? We will see. I really don't want to have to rush to move my accounts as that would affect my paychecks too. So, I will (try to) be patient, but my levels of patience seem to decrease exponentially in opposite to my back pain LOL :/...
So what's been going through my head the last couple days? Well, let's just sort it out.
1. So Hillary "won" IN... but lost NC. Wasn't NC supposed to be the "game changer" according to her and everyone else in her campaign? So I guess she was right, but not the way she wanted them to. So what does this mean for Hillary and Barack? Now Hillary just looks like she's in it to destroy him and drag it out until the very end and he is starting to look like "Teflon John" as the scandals that he's had to deal with don't seem to affect him as much as they do her.
2. I am so tired of this wacky weather. It was 45 when I left for work this morning (cold enough to see your breath still, but not so cold that I need 4 thick sweaters, just 3 of my thinner ones - my thick ones are dirty, otherwise I'd just had 2 on). But now it's 80! Geez! I can't believe they're not calling for severe weather, but if it's supposed to rain a lot before the storms arrive, that would explain it (I could try to explain it, but I'd sound more like a meteorologist than I'd care to right now). I'm just tired of the cold in the morning but baking while waiting for the bus after work!
3. I'm making good progress on my game, and the book did help a little. I quit after just a couple missions yesterday as I wasn't ready to start the next one and really didn't know what I wanted to do in the interim. So I actually did something I wanted to do more often than play the game - write. But go figure I couldn't get much writing done last night as it was too close to - and then past - my bedtime!
4. I've been working way too much, and around too much of what makes my body irritable. I am realizing this more every day. My wrists hate me, my back hates me, my shoulders are grinding like an old woman (yet I can't seem to remember to take my pills), and my belly fusses over almost everything I eat. I really do need some time off, but to need a vacation after only a couple months is sad. But that is the state I'm in right now, unless they finally move me where I want to be.
5. I have had to laugh at these pundits on tv trying to make sense of what's going on in politics anymore and spinning the facts to whichever side they're leaning towards (and journalists are SUPPOSED to be impartial - HA not nowadays). A lot of pundits are saying that Limbaugh may have been the only reason Hillary won IN last night because it was an open primary... GIVE ME A BREAK. He may have influenced a few of his croonies, but not the numbers that would've been needed to break past 1 or 2%. And besides, if they want to make her look worse, go ahead. Have at her, matter of fact, go ahead and take her. Or maybe they really want Obama thinking they can whip him up easier in the election in November and they're hiding it by voting for Hillary in mass numbers... See where I'm going? Does it REALLY make any sense when you think about it? I think it's another case of much ado about nothing - like a lot of crap has been so far this year.
6. Remember when we were in school, and at least in one class you knew which kid the teacher liked best? It was the one that never got caught cheating but cheated constantly, the one that could screw up an assignment and still get a perfect - or near perfect - score. It was the one that always brought the teacher a present on Valentine's Day and tried to hide it so the rest of the kids didn't see him. Well, you know it's not much different than in the workforce. It seems every boss has one favorite employee that he/she will let get away with almost anything. It's just now we wonder what's going on between the two off the clock. :(
7. Unfortunately with the decreasing value of the dollar making imports more expensive and exports less desirable, and thus the job market dwindling among other reasons, there's not much room for taking a stand, much less quitting in protest. It's times like this that make me wish I'd stayed home and finished college, at least the first half of it. I'd be earning a little more and be in a better job (hopefully at least). But dangit, we can't change the past can we? So off to change the future while we can before it's etched in stone in the past.
8. I want to know what the big stink was about Indiana's voter identification law. They have a process by which the poor can apply for and receive a free photo ID. By law everyone's supposed to have one anyways. So what's the fuss? Would someone explain this to me please?
9. Why do the democrats insist on so many "closed" elections during primary season? Are they that scared of us independents? Talk about disenfranchising voters.
10. I seen this item on the ingredient list on a bottle of "body mist" on the table in the break room today: "hydrogenated castor oil" - what the fk?!? If I wanted that kind of oil on me, wouldn't I just go buy some? Just goes to show you never know what's in your stuff until you read!
11. I was asked in email overnight what I would think if Al Gore was running this year. Would I support him over Bush - yes. Would I support him over the other Democrats - I don't know. Do I like Gore - not anymore, I did before his global warming "crusade" that he started up. So what if they dems throw away all of our votes and nominate Gore? I think that would be a shoe-in for 4 more years of the same BS as I think McCain would handily kill Gore if that was to happen. Would I be one of them driving a nail into him - no. But I could see many democrats abandoning ship and feeling betrayed. I just think we need to wrap this up NOW.

So that's what's been on my mind. What's on YOURS?
And whew, I feel better now that my brain is a little emptier!

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