Monday, May 5, 2008

On Work, Self, and the News

I am sitting here watching tv, trying to relax my brain before I start back at work tomorrow after a wonderful two days off. Once again, I didn't do ANYTHING I had wanted to do today, including the laundry. But I will get it done soon, it's no worry. My wrist has been acting up again, just like it did a couple weeks ago. It started while I was still at work Saturday and has only gotten worse the last two days, to the point I can't even put any pressure on it today. I am concerned how well it will work tomorrow, but I will manage. Of course with my left one doing more, it's starting to have twinges of pain too. I am starting to consider telling the boss I may have carpultunnel from moving all those pots and going to the mandated doctor for confirmation or refutation of my feared diagnosis. If this is true, since it has only occurred in the last month, the store would be required under worker's compensation laws to pay for my surgery and time off for recovery and therapy. I hate to have to do this, but I cannot continue to work with my wrists getting worse and worse. I so want to go back to the days when my hands didn't hurt so bad, and if I'd known this was going to happen, I might've passed on the job. I've worked in this business before, I wouldn't be this way if I was where I've asked to be from the beginning. But it's clear that it's not going to happen, not anytime soon at least. My hands are getting such a workout, my FINGERS are getting fatter. I went to put a ring on my left pointer finger that used to be slightly snug, now it won't go on unless I fuss for a few moments and then it's difficult to get off unless my finger is at the right angle. The finger it used to be loose on is now the one it's snug on. How the **** does that happen? Only by overworking one's hands to the point that even the smallest of muscles have no choices.
Things are going ok otherwise, though I'm constantly exhausted. I'm making good progress on my xbox game, though there are times you wouldn't know it. I find that I seem to only do well on my days off, probably because I'm so tired after work that my hands and brain don't work so well. Never mind that I can't enjoy it as much as all I can usually think of is sleep - as evident in my falling asleep within a couple hours of getting home Saturday and being hard pressed to disturb anytime afterwards.
The cats are doing well, though I'm not sure Curzon's going to be very willing to let me out the door tomorrow. I am going to really dread that walk tomorrow, though I really should leave earlier so I get to work earlier and start earlier, taking advantage of some OT and differential time, but hating my job as I do, that's hard for me to want to do. Even leaving 10 minutes earlier is more of an effort than I'd care to admit anymore. And without anyone here anymore that leaves at the same time I do, it's hard to get a ride to cut out my walk time and get me there at about the same time if not earlier than I normally would arrive. I am hopeful that soon we'll have transportation in this household again and I won't have to walk as much to work. I wouldn't have to get up as early unless I woke up hungry, could leave 20 minutes later and still arrive 10 minutes earlier than normal.
In the news, the more I hear from the polygamist ranch, the sicker I get. I can more easily dismiss the broken bones issue, as kids tend to fall, but that's even a stretch considering the NUMBER of kids with breaks. But how can you refute abuse when a child gives birth after in custody, when everyone KNOWS she's a minor? Besides, polygamy itself is ILLEGAL. I'm not sure the people themselves should be prosecuted unless they had knowledge of their crimes (and considering the cult tradition of brainwashing, I doubt it), but the leaders should definitely be prosecuted for arranging what amounts to illegal marriages and child rape (as by state law children CANNOT marry even with parental consent and sex with a minor is legally rape even IF they consent). This cult is obviously just a decoy for a bunch of child predators to hide under to lure in vulnerable young women and get babies to continue their predatory ways under the cloak of religion. And everyone wonders why I have such a distrust of religion... Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the sick perverts out!
So, as it's quickly approaching 9pm here, I should wrap this up and prepare for sleep and work tomorrow. Goodnight all my friends and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon. I hope all of you are well.

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Kahless said...

I havent heard of this polygamy news story... I'll see if it comes up on google.

jumpinginpuddles said...

hope your wrist doesnt play y up too much and that work goes ok for you