Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Alrighty, let's start at the top.
Got a pay raise... but only 35 cents. Ain't complaining though.
PDA is back online... but now desktop is ALL fkd up. Trying to save myself from a reformat. What happened, I don't know. All we were trying to do was switch network security settings back to what we originally had. Now it won't boot up, keeps rebooting itself. But I think some things got in there and fkd it up, so I'm in safe mode right now running my scans trying to fix everything I can. We'll see.
Of course this fks up my plan to apply for another job today that would really be a great snag of a job if I can get it. Worst case scenario, this doesn't work and I wait until tomorrow and do it at the library instead. I'd rather not go to that point though. Of course I'd love to be able to do it on the pda but very few pages with extensive forms even work right on pda's so I'm not holding out too much hope on it.
So as you can see, that's been my last few hours' crap. I've had some rl crap going on here this week too that just about made my evil angry side come out... stupid ****ing hoodlums. They best hope I don't catch 'em.

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