Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Oops Isn't ALWAYS an OOPS!

... ok sometimes it is, like when you don't tell someone that can't cook to let the water boil first BEFORE adding the spaghetti noodles!
But sometimes an oops is a good thing. Take me and my klutzy pda for example.
A couple days ago I was hangin' out with the guys and our neighbor at our dining room table (if you can call it a 'room'), and I accidentally reformatted my pda (don't worry I have that thing meticulously backed up lmao), which isn't hard to do on that thing. So I promptly restored it and let it charge (it seems that 'oops' stole 2/3 of my battery's charge). Well, since the LAST time I had to restore it, my VGA program (which makes things smaller, so that you get 4x as much on the same screen) didn't work because it has to be installed a certain way and I tried to start from scratch and did it all wrong. Well, I guess that didn't stick to the backup file because it works now! WOOHOO! Why you ask would someone half blind like me want something to be smaller? Pictures are better, in better detail (more high resolution). Emails fit better on the screen. You get the picture. So I'm happy. Now I just have to go through and re-add all my desktop themes to the cf card for the pda's "dekstop" (today screen for those geeks out there, ie wingman, so :P).
Anyways, off I go to eat my SECOND plate of spaghetti. Yes, I'm hungry, well, ok starving! LOL

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Tory said...

Would it make you feel any better to know that I still can't figure out how to use my answering machine?
Guess I'm getting old.
Glad you got it all worked out, though.
Take care