Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally - A Blog! LOL

I am so upset right now about the news from the polygamist camp I could strangle someone, but I can only hope that it all comes out for the best in the end. The truth remains, whether or not the initial call was a fake. The truth is out there... It needs to be heard, for the kids' sake.
And WTF is up with Hillary? It's time to drop out woman, you're done - finished. You're disgracing yourself, your husband, and your party by continuing on, especially when you open your trap and say something totally rediculous like you're getting infamous for. It was bad enough when your husband - one of the most respected presidents in recent history - would make a fool out of himself. But you're the first viable female candidate we've ever had, and you're ruining it for the next one. Everyone knows this, and you're just hurting us down the road. We know you're in bed with McCain, let's just move on. If you're so tight with him, switch parties. I'm sure most of us won't be too sad to see you go anymore. It's time - for your husband's legacy even more than yours - to concede that this time wasn't your time. Get your act together and prepare for the next fight for the White House when we have to fight off the "pugs" and oil tycoons.
And on to big oil.
A lot has been said about the CEO's make so much money because they run the biggest corporations in the USA. I don't give a rat's @ss. I don't make any more if I work for a bigger company! Why should they? How bout taking all that money they're making that is in excess of what they should be and putting it towards funding alternate fuel source research which could make them and their corporations even richer? Wouldn't that make more sense? The point is, we need to cut ourselves off from the Saudi dictatorship's oil grip and fuel ourselves! I seen in the paper recently (print or online, not sure) that the price-per-gallon cost the Saudis pay is only 50 cents a gallon!! Meanwhile, we're paying $4, and our friends in Britain are paying DOUBLE that. WHAT THE FK?!? I understand that they're sitting on it, but that doesn't explain THAT much of a difference! Let's be real here! It makes me tempted to suggest our government should consider drastic measures against the Saudis, but right now we need every ally we can get, even if they're not really much of an ally. The truth is we have to deal with fixing Iraq and Afghanistan first, then deal with Iran.
And what the hell is up with this debate over what is pure and simple diplomacy? We need to talk to our enemies once in a while. If we hadn't, Reagan would've never brought down the Cold War, Korea would still be fighting, and Gadafi probably would've bombed us by now, if not someone else. No negotiations start from the top. All diplomacy starts with the lower levels, regardless of party or enemy. Bush has done it just as much as anyone else has, so for the "pugs" to be beating a drum against the dems over negotiation policy is hypocritical at minimum. If talking gets the nukes gone, than talking we should. The fewer American lives sacrificed for freedom without any loss of said freedom, the better. I'm sure our allies would say the same, many of which are as war-wary as we Americans are at this point!
I wish I could say that I've kept up more on the news but I haven't. I'm literally working, eating, trying to relax a little, and then sleeping just to do it all over again. I do read a little of the newspaper at work on lunch usually, and a tad on the tv sometimes after I get home, but it's not like I once did, so I'm liable to miss significant chunks of news. Right now I believe our domestic focus should be on rebuilding our economy - which I think a lot of that could be done if we'd just start the process of fixing our bridges. Think of how many people we could get off of unemployment rolls and low-paying jobs that way. Yes I know it wouldn't last forever, but the money they'd pump into the economy and the government through taxes would help us rebuild the country and the economy at the same time. WWII brought us out of the Depression because suddenly NO ONE was unemployed. Everyone paid taxes, which pumped money into the government AND the economy. Yes there'd be a small slump afterwards, as there was after the war, but do you really think that we'll ever be DONE fixing and building bridges and other infrastructure? I doubt it. We could make a lot of progress that way. But we can't fix it until we fix our borders and deal with the illegals that are already here. They should be given a chance to become citizens IF they assimilate into our way of life that has existed for well over 200 years. We evolve, yes. But EVERYONE learned English at least. Every emigrant went through the process to become a naturalized citizen. Latinos, YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. If you want to live and work here, do it the right way. You might find out that you aren't treated as harshly either! As Carlos Mencia would probably say, we don't mind beaners. Most of them SPEAK ENGLISH. I know a Cuban who fled his home just before Castro took power... He learned English by watching tv and absorbing himself in our culture, and many of his latino brothers and sisters did the same thing. So why can't you?
The cats are doing well, and a neighbor that is moving out and hasn't seen the cats in a while got to see the boys yesterday - and just how big they've gotten. They were good cats outside, even though Nimbus isn't fond of the outdoors to say the least. But considering he's been an indoor cat from birth, one can't expect he'd take to the outdoors very well! I've been tempted to let Curzon hang out outside for a while on a leash like a dog to see if he'd get accustomed to it (of course I'd be right inside watching from the window), but without the flea medication, I'm not doing that. I think next time I go to the grocery store I might buy some of that stuff and some flea collars - something has to be better than nothing right? If I had the balls (and I don't), I'd give them baths with the shampoo that kills and repels fleas and ticks. But I have no energy or desire to bathe these monsters, especially not Jadzia. She may be the smallest of the cats, but she is the meanest, baddest, toughest, slipperiest one of them! So no, I'm not going that route. Not unless I find someone cheap to come by in a van and bathe them. But right now I'm not willing to spend money to clean them up either. They're quite fine on their own. They need a powder bath, but that's it. They don't need to get wet. And I don't feel like having wet carpet and bedding all day while they dry off!
So what's on your mind today? What is taking up space in your brain that could be better used elsewhere but you won't dump it out, either on paper or otherwise, so you're one step closer to brain overload?
And a few notes:
Walter: how's that ear coming?
Enola: stay strong and I'm proud of you! Also, check your email.
Cheryl: I want your schedule! 9-2?!? Brat! Lol
Kahless: You sure you're making the right decision? I'm not trying to second-guess you, I just want to make sure you know you're doing what's right for you and what you can expect down the road. That being said, I support you 100% no matter what, and if you ever need to talk, I'm never far away!
Tom: I miss ya pal, as I'm sure others do too. Get back to us soon!
Andrew: You're smart for keeping track of every penny. I should do it more often, but eeks I would hate to see all the money I make at work go right back into their wallet! I've also been thinking. I'm not sure if you've thought about this, but maybe you should save up the coins that are left over from your purchases and put them in a savings account... I know the interest wouldn't be much, but every little bit helps, right? Just a thought!
So off I go for now, as I have to send this and then take care of some "business" and actually do something today - well, maybe. I'm putting off laundry as I've still got a tshirt at work so it's not collecting cat hair, and an apron clean here, and my work jeans are folded up so that they don't get any more wrinkly. So with any luck, I'll be able to put off laundry until this next weekend. It'd be nice to have a 3 day weekend next week - and with work weeks starting on Monday, I wouldn't have to worry about any loss of hours, wages, or benefits! A mini-vacation!

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Kahless said...

Man, we pay more than that...
in the UK diesel is £1.30 / litre.

Now a gallon ...
*4.55 = £5.92

1 Imperial gallon = 1.20095042 US gallons
therefore us gallon =£5.92/1.2
= £4.93

converted to us dollars
1 British pound = 1.9778 U.S. dollars
therefore £4.93*1.9778
= $9.75 !!!!!

We produce oil yet over 62% of the price goes to our government in duty and vat!

Rip-off Britain!!