Sunday, June 1, 2008

As Promised

New Cat Pics!!!

Ok the floor pic is Jadzia and Nimbus. Yes Nimbus really IS that much bigger than his mother. Granted, she's a little further back but still, she's stretched out about as far as she'll go and he's kinda scrunched up, so the proportions are about right. LOL
The solo cat in the window is Jadzia on the outside part of the window ledge, which she's no longer allowed to do because she's got the wanderlust inside her - she just has to check everything out, even if she's gonna freak the moment her feet hit grass. So it's just not safe for her - or my heart - to give her the chance to jump. But this picture was taken before she showed that side of her fully. It was taken shortly after Nimbus jumped down from the inside part of the window ledge - see pic below it.
Unfortunately the camera was MIA when Curzon was with Jadzia and when I went to find it, he ran away, never to return, so thus the Boo had to substitute in lmao.
I promise new Curzon pictures when he lets me take em!

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