Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Two-Day Blog lol

I have come to the conclusion that we are all artists in one way or another. Now I'm not saying we all have the talent of Mozart, Picasso, or Emeril within us. By no means am I saying that (though I dare to say you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who can cook better than the clan around here lol)! This comes from my observations of my own little "community" - a collection of 16 apartments, each rented by a very unique individual, thus at least somewhat adequately reflecting society as a whole. We have young and old alike, geeks and "normal" people, you name it and someone here fits that description. We even have our own neighborhood snoop! LOL... But if you look around, there is a lot of talent lurking in the shadows. We have aspiring artists, musicians, chefs, decorators, gardeners, mechanics, you name it, SOMEONE here can probably do it. As a matter of fact, while I'm sitting here (outside) writing this, one of the neighbor's daughter is outside drawing something that a friend of hers asked her to draw. What she's drawing, I don't know, but knowing her work, it probably will turn out pretty well!
So where does your talent lie? Or are you allowing it to sit idle, wasting time you could spend cultivating a talent into an artform?
And a subthought for you thinkers out there. Why is it when we go to make notes for a future blog, we always abbreviate and scribble so fast we can't make sense of our notes, and even if we could, we couldn't decipher what we meant in the first place? Or am I the only one guilty of such?
This week at work has been better for the most part, surprisingly considering the early, EARLY start of my day. Perhaps my sleep depth is improving, but I doubt that, especially with my allergies acting up now. I venture to say that it hasn't been this bad in a while. But yesterday on the way home, I stopped to try to find SOMETHING to alleviate this misery, knowing I might not have any luck as allergy medicine doesn't seem to affect me much. I decided to give the newly-released OTC Zyrtec a try (it had been a prescription for a long time), and I only made it another couple blocks before I relented to the sneezing and stopped to take one, though I had planned to wait until I got home. To my amazement, IT WORKED! And not only did it work, it worked faster than I've had ANYTHING work on me, and at least 25 hours later, I'm STILL feeling better than I have been lately! I am half-tempted to call it a miracle drug, but seeing as I just tried it yesterday, I will not call it my wonder drug until I know it will work consistently, because hey, the Claritin worked the first time too, but it quit shortly after the first couple doses!
The last time I went to the bathroom, I seen a headline at the bottom of the front page of the business section of a recent newspaper (I didn't look at which day) that said that the farmers are seeing record profits off of the high food prices. I would like to know which farmers they talked to - the big corporate farms for sure. The little guys may be making a little more on the food they're selling, but it doesn't make up for the dramatic increase in fuel prices. The only ones getting rich off this economy are the corporate farmers who can get discounts on the fuel by buying in (massive) bulk, the oil tycoons and the speculators on Wall Street driving the prices up, and the @ssholes in the Middle East who control so much of the oil itself. We MUST cut the cord. I honestly believe the smartest, most logical, and also environmentally friendly way to do this is either wind energy (to charge a battery cell) or hydrogen. I am starting to think hydrogen holds promise, but with the current infatuation with ethanol, I'm too hopeful that hydrogen will catch on. SOMETHING has to give. Drilling in the arctic as some have proposed only POSTPONES the inevitable. It does not solve the problem, nor does it address the damage to our environment. While I do not believe that we are the primary cause of global warming, I also do not believe we should cause this planet any harm that isn't necessary. We need a government that understands this, and is willing to work WITH the private sector to spur research and development.
Now as my blog has gone into Day 2 of writing, I'm sitting at the dining room table just after a storm has passed. It wasn't enough to satisfy the guys' desire for a good thunderstorm, as the few rumbles were quiet and there wasn't any lightning to be seen (at least that I saw). But it was quite enough to rinse the Earth of some of the grime that's been floating around making many people like me sneeze lately, and hopefully stabilize the atmosphere a little. There is a tornado watch up, so right now my focus is on the sky and the conditions outside. My weather brain might not be as in-tune as it was years ago, but I still remember enough to know when the threat for "spinners" to drop. Unfortunately, the rain also means a new round of bugs will be out in full force, and they're already starting the seasonal draining festival on my blood! LOL, but as in the last few years, I am prepared better than I once was and they are finding me less attractive!
As I speak, the DNC is holding its meeting to decide what to do with the FL and MI delegates. Obama's camp has conceded at least in FL's case to seat the delegation so long as they only have a half vote, as punishment for their moving their primary up. I have to concede this is probably the only way to shut Clinton up, which is probably what Obama is thinking. I don't see her being able to make much of a dent in his lead anyway, and I do think that everyone knows he's probably going to be the nominee. We really need to get this resolved and soon - sooner the better.
Now the question in my mind returns to the other "parties" that think that they can demolish the two-party system currently informally in place. Unfortunately, too much of America is only focused on the two parties, and so any other candidate is only going to draw votes away from one of the two primary-party candidates. I hate to say it, but our society and current political system isn't built for more than two parties. Our media focuses on them, our citizens focus on them, and in some states, some of the other parties aren't even recognized. So to try to sneak in won't work. There must be a much deeper change if we are going to see this country evolve out of the two-party system that has been known for most of our history.
So now we come to what we're going to grill out today, as Saturday is our normal grilling-out day. But considering it's after noon and we still haven't done the grocery trip, I can't say that I think it's going to happen this time. I would be just as happy to put it off until tomorrow as I'm not really feeling very social. But as I wrote that, Jadzia jumped up on my lap, so I guess I have to be - at least to her! Hehe... Cats, gotta love them!
Speaking of cats, I took some good pictures the other day of them, and have been meaning to get them up on the blog but haven't gotten around to it yet. I shall though as soon as I'm back on my desktop and remember to do so. I can't say it's been on the mind too much though as too much other **** is going on right now!
Anyway, it is best I wrap this up now while I can!!

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