Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brief note

Hello my dear friends. I finally feel like writing a little tonight, so I shall, though I am off to bed as soon as I'm done. I can barely keep my eyes open, but luckily I don't need them open all the time to type lol.
Work has been, well, WORK. LOL... working my rear off for just a little money it seems. My check this week would've been even smaller had I not had differential time AND overtime, so it helped, but still. It's all the taxes and insurance (which isn't much) being taken out that makes the difference.
Other than work, I really haven't been up to much, as I haven't had the energy. Went grocery shopping Tuesday, though I was feeling sick in the stomach for multiple reasons, for lunch foods that I could easily transport. Monday I went with a neighbor on an last minute sorta emergency run to the grocery store merely for cat food and litter, and at that time it was all I could afford - I couldn't find my wallet (I'd forgotten where I'd put it Saturday lol) and was limited to $20 - just enough for 20lb of litter, 18lb of food, and a half gallon of my tea lol (not my brand, but my flavor, but my brand is better I discovered lol).
I am feeling a lot better than I was Tuesday, and to anyone who was trying to get my attention then, I'm sorry. I wasn't giving ANYONE any attention that day. It was just a combination of things striking all at once shortly after I got to work.
I got a car mount for my pda today - to substitute for the impossible-to-find cradle and is working fine (I know I've mentioned it before, hear me out), and am now working on making sure I have a complete list of programs and games and they're all linked right (so I know if I have any I have linked but no files for or vice versa) and my calendar and contacts backed up so I can do a hard reset and get the thing back to factory settings. This will fix all remaining issues I'm having with it, though it will require me to be immobile for a little while, depending on how long it takes me to get back up (though the first things to go back on will be the DST update, keyboard dll's, wifi card dll's, total commander, and cabinstaller). I shouldn't be offline a whole day even, but it will keep me busy for a while once I do it. I'm PLANNING on this weekend, as I'm not doing it on a work night. But I still have work to do before I get to that point, and at this pace it'll be the following weekend before I do it. Just having a "cradle" makes this part so much easier though, and that's half the reason I waited.
Anyways, I am off, as it's almost 9pm and I have another day of work tomorrow, though luckily I have a ride in. The last 2 mornings' walking to work has sucked, though I've not rushed myself and therefore barely beat the clock in. But I'm tired of rushing TO work then rushing AT work all day. I hope all of you are having a good week, and for those of (luckyarsebstrd) you out there who work a NORMAL workweek, happy Friday in advance.

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Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx, Glad to have you back and hear that you are feeling more energetic now, even if just! Keep on going Girl!. Have a great weak ahead. (It is already Sunday morn here!)Walter