Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today I did something I probably shouldn't have, but have been planning on doing for months, probably almost as long as I've had this job. The opening of the new Best Buy nearby made it that much easier to do it. You see, Mr. Cat's laptop has an overtyping issue that is common for his model laptop. It's almost funny because his laptop and my desktop is the same brand but it's only the laptop - and that particular model - that have the issue. So my computer has doubled for a writing computer for a while now, and it's not that I mind, I have a KB for the PDA after all lol. But recently he spilled a little bit of something on his keyboard and now some of his letters don't work (try typing without a P for example lol), and so he had to have a txt file with the letters that don't work in it so he could easily reference it to copy and paste them as he needed them. Well today I stopped in the new store - to check on my application status also - to check their prices out on USB KB's. I found one that was wireless and came with a wireless mouse as well and ran on batteries I carry all the time (AA) at home. I wasn't planning on buying it, but with the good price and the fact it was wireless and nothing I saw online for a decent price was wireless, I decided to splurge and spend the $60 on him. I stopped down the strip mall at a craft store to get some scotch tape and I wrapped it there with today's business section of the newspaper. I didn't know if he'd be sitting out front or in the common area of the apartment when I got home and so I didn't want him to see what I got him - this was an early holiday and very belated holiday present lmao. He went into the bathroom shortly after I got home which gave me time to write him a little note - which he just absolutely adored (I write much better than I speak when it comes to trying to be mushy rofl) - and then taped it onto the box and left to get him a couple things he forgot to tell me to get on the way home. It was better this way as I walked home (oofah I'm sore, too much walking today) and didn't have the wheeled backpack, so my back and neck was hurting with all the crap I was carrying. When I got home, he was out of the bathroom and had read the note. He hadn't opened the present yet or unwrapped it as he thought I was going to tell him what it was. I laughed and told him he had to open it. Seeing how much he enjoyed receiving it and how much he's already enjoying it was so worth the $ I spent, especially considering all that we've gone through lately. It was a small price to pay - the differential $ I made last week for going in so dang early just about paid for it - to see the ONE bright spot in my tight little circle here a little brighter. I can only hope that it works well for a long time, as I don't have too good of a history with electronics. This is why I tend to let him do the gadget shopping unless it involves PDAs lol. Actually he bought me my first one... benchmark that has been used to compare all others since rofl. So today is a good day. Mr. Cat is happy, and that makes me happy. Peace at last - for now.

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Kahless said...

Gadgets are the best!
And giving presents is cool too.