Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today feels like a day off even though it isn't really a day off. I have a meeting in a few hours and I have to catch the bus up there, so I have even less time! LOL but that's ok. I had planned to do laundry today but I just couldn't get my body out of bed this morning - except for when one of my managers - the one who has been taking me into work in the morning - called forgetting I didn't have to be in this morning. Of course in the darkness that IS 430am, I stepped squarely in the water bowl for the cats on the way to the phone! I did get back to sleep after that cold jolt, but woke back up later with an earache. I guess I fell asleep on a lump in the pillow that got my ear hurting bad. It still hurts a tad but not like it did a couple hours ago.
I noticed blogger was lagging like sht last night. My posts didn't go though for at least an hour after I'd written and sent them in. Maybe it was a gmail issue, I don't know. I so rarely post via Blogger's site it's hilarious. The only time I do use it anymore I think is when I am posting pictures lmao.
I got great news last night. One of the original companies I applied for may indeed want me after all! I don't want to get into details but I will call the guy tomorrow as he's off today. If this is the light at the tunnel, I'm diving through it! I can't foresee them making me come in at 5am, and I'd be more willing to stay later as it's the same distance home as from my current job. I'm trying really hard not to get excited, but this may just be the break I've been praying for, so it's hard!
The cats think today is another day off for me, and have treated me as such. I woke up with a Jadzia nearby, and she intended to stay put no matter what. She actually laid on my chest for a while and wouldn't even budge to let her own brother close enough for me to pet. After one of my many mini-arisings through the morning, she decided not to come back and so gave me the chance go give Curzon some attention. After I finally did get my lard@ss out of bed, Curzon decided it was time for some attention of his own, of which I happily obliged. The kitties got some treats too this morning, so they're happy. The only one that hasn't come around for attention is Nimbus and that is quite odd as he's usually the more demanding one on my days off. Maybe he knows I'll be leaving here before too long.
I was going to do laundry this morning as I earlier said, but go figure, even IF I was going to do it when I finally did get up, someone else beat me to it. That's fine, I just did my work clothes Monday, so all is well. It's just unfortunately last night I fell asleep in my favorite pair of work pants - that's how tired I was. It's not that it was a hard day. It's just that after three days off it was a long LONG day, and the more I unwound afterwards, the more and more tired I became. I bet I got double-sleep last night. But I'll need it for tonight and tomorrow morning. I think it's going to be a case of soup for dinner tonight on the way to bed. I just hope this meeting is boring enough to make me want to sleep but not so boring I fall asleep AT the meeting! LOL and no thunderstorms after I get home. I got some heavy sleeping to do as I have to be up extra early tomorrow morning as I have no ride tomorrow. Now watch, I'll be halfway to work and my ride will call the house thinking of me and wake Mr. Cat up. That would just be my luck, so my luck. But thus is the story of my life!
Anyways, off to send this then charge up the pda. Talk later, folks!!!!

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Walter parker said...

Good luck with the new job interview. Don't tence up about it, just chill out and take it as it comes.