Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Recent IA Twister

It's official. The tornado that destroyed so much of Parkesburg (sp?), IA last month was an F5. Click here for the Time Magazine article online. While Greensburg last year was the first one since the May 3 1999 tornado ripped through OK, this now makes the second F5 in as many years. Mind you, Iowa doesn't get as many tornados as us more southern midwest folk are used to. And now they're saying tomorrow's conditions could mirror the conditions in place during the 1974 mega super outbreak that spawned the disaster in Xenia. Just google it. It was one of the worst tornados in history - I'm talking top 3. There was almost an F6 category because of it. So please join me in keeping all the people in the midwest trying to rebuild amidst day after day of storms in our prayers. It's not over yet either... and just as it ends for us, it picks up for those in what I call hurricane alley, as the conditions change there and storms start migrating up. And this is supposed to be a bad year for hurricanes too! Aye, enough is enough!

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