Monday, June 23, 2008


Alright folks, as soon as I take care of the laundry (5 min - new washer load and putting current load in dryer), the pda is going offline. Don't worry, first two things to be reinstalled will be my keyboard and wifi card lol. Oh crap I forgot to double verify my favorites. Easy fix er copy/paste lol. Don't worry, worst case scenario, I have my backup lol. I hope this works though.... *sigh* I hate doing it lol, cause after I get everything working, I get to go through every game and proggie and make sure they work. And that's a LOT, games alone 101, proggies 80. *grunt*. Off I go...

415pm update:
Everything LOOKS to be up and running. I do have to switch back to my backup for a minute though as my dumb @ss forgot to backup my contacts and I'm sure my desktop's version is old LOL. But that shouldn't affect me much. Haven't actually TESTED the keyboard yet, but wifi seems to be working, I think I got all my programs up that I should have, and doing this freed up nearly 10mb of space on the device woohoo!! I still have one program I need to reinstall, but I'm debating on it, as I wasn't ever smart enough or had time enough to use it. Another one I'm going to delete as I found a better program that does what it did and more. I'll miss it but in reality I won't lol. I haven't yet brought over the two programs I used to work on the pda from the desktop as both didn't really want to work anyways, so I haven't decided whether or not to keep them on. Other than that I seem to be ok. I'll definitely be back mobile completely by bedtime.

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