Sunday, June 22, 2008


A brief update on what's going on here, especially with me about to go immobile for a minimum of an hour and possibly a lot longer. I'm done going through my pda making sure that all my games and programs are accounted for. I only have two games - which are brand new - and a program, everything is accounted for, and even the unaccounted for are on the device, just not shortcutted where they're supposed to be etc. I still have some sorting to do, some minor file-finding to do, and making sure I have all the exe's I need to install once I do the hard reset. I have to find the cds for my keyboard and the wifi card. But I should start the process this evening hopefully though maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. But I doubt that as I need to do laundry tomorrow and I might hitch a bus up to the other grocery store that I much prefer and try to find somewhere where I can buy monster-erp-Mr.Cat-sized shoes!
I'll keep everyone posted.

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