Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ok folks what a day. I will be offline for a few minutes as I attempt to fix the pda again. I know why it was acting up in the first place now.
1. Mobile Inbox does not like storing attachments on a card. So I have to reset again to fix that. But the backup I did after the last one should suffice, so I won't lose everything. I don't THINK so at least.
2. Mobile IE favorites die if you copy/paste favorites into the directory yourself instead of actually going through PIE itself one by one and adding them. That problem was fixed with the last one. Though it turns out I didn't need to hard reset to fix that one. It's giving me the opportunity to update my blog reading list anyways.

So I'm off to eat, fix the pda again, and HOPEFULLY go to bed early tonight. I didn't sleep much at all last night.
Laters folks!

(515 update) Well, so much for that, the backup is fkd up too. But oh well, no big deal. I am not going through that hassle again. I will just find a new email program that works just as well. Maybe I'll actually buy a cheap one (yeah I'm thinking about it). I'm going through my favorites and deleting all the blogs that aren't updating anymore (only from the pda, not the PC MASTER copy), and soon I'll bring in the new ones. I found a couple programs that didn't work but I just needed to reinstall them, then delete the files. I guess I just needed a .dll from the install to get onto the thing's hard drive. Good thing too as they were programs I don't use often but they're quite the handy reference when I need them! So off I go again to continue manually reimporting all my favorites.

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