Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another One...

Another one succumbs to age way before age should claim 'em. This time it's Tony Snow. His colon cancer - which he was bravely and optimistically fighting - spread and took his life at the ever-so-young age of 54. This follows the recent death of Tim Russert, the beloved and highly respected journalist and pundit who hosted undoubtedly the toughest and yet fairest of the Sunday-morning talk shows.
For those of you who don't know and/or remember who Tony Snow was, he was one of the journalists over at Fox Noise before it went from bad to worse when President Bush called on him to replace Scott McClellan as Press Secretary. He held that position for well over a year, before resigning to take on a job that paid more - undoubtedly so he could fight his recurring cancer better. Instead of returning to Fox, he signed a contract with CNN, who paid him handsomely (at least by us 'normal' folks' standards). He was a conservative voice amongst the liberal media, though his style could break the ice anywhere.
So now we've lost TWO unique, distinct voices of reason - agree with them or not - in the mess that is the media and all it's bias. I have no doubt BOTH of these guys would've called out McCain - and Obama - on every lie they got caught in. Russert had a reputation of it, and I don't think Snow was afraid to go against the grain either. Now more than ever it's time we as Americans cut our reliance on the media for information to base our vote on come November. We have the WWW now. The world is (literally) at our fingertips. CLAIM IT.

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