Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Love Letter

Call me corny if you want, but this open letter to my Nimbus was the best and only way I could find to describe just how much he - and his feline family - mean to me. If you find this too corny or "gay" - well, I'm sorry. Cat people will understand this, as I think most animal people in general will. For you dog folks out there - just imagine the cat is a dog :P LOL.

If you could only talk, what would you say? If you could only understand me, would you understand why I do what I do?
I looked into your eyes today as I held you, and for a moment I forgot how big you were. For a moment, a brief moment, you were that kitten I watched come into this world, only a month old, brand new eyes just starting to focus. For a moment, you were my little baby again.
You grew up so big, and always were a big cat even when you were just a kitten. You couldn't wait to be a cat, but your inner kitten was too much for you sometimes. You followed your Mom everywhere, as if you knew what to do, just not sure HOW to do it.
You showed me what it was like to watch life start from the very beginning. You showed me I still had a little room left for another soul. You taught me patience when I had none. You made me laugh like I'd never laughed before. And at the same time, you made me pity you... oh how your Mom just couldn't let you be curious!
Your Mom loves you still as much today as she did that day you surprised me with your arrival. When most mama cats would've long forgotten about their previous kittens, your Mom still dotes on you, rushing to your side every time you have a hairball. I know she's mean to you sometimes, but know she loves you. The time you went and stayed at the hospital, your Mom worried like no words could describe. You are the most loved kitten in the world that grew up to still have his Mom.
Don't worry about not getting that first "big kill" yet. We humans do our best to give you a dry, safe, clean home free of vermin. We have no doubts in your abilities, and when the time comes you will surely do just as fine as your Mom and Uncle - if not even better. Learn from them. Learn your Mom's stealth hunting (which you're already excellent at stealth approaching) and persistence. But learn from your Uncle's ruthlessness. The "present" should not be able to run away from the recipient, though recipient(s) would much prefer as little mess as possible. You're more than welcome to eat your catches as well, unless your humans take it away for your safety. Please know this doesn't take away from your success, it's just not safe for you to eat (or someone - me - worries too much LOL).
Thank you for being such a special cat, so different and unique, yet so much like your family. Always know that so long as we humans live, your family will always remain intact until age catches up with you. We love you - all of us, feline and human alike - and want only the best for you.
Thank you, Nimbus, for just being YOU.


Lee451 said...

I understand your sentiments perfectly. I wrote a similar epistle concerning my cat Spaz after he died (he had blessed my life for 17 years). You have no need to apologize for writing it; those who don't understand never will. Cats are better than children, more loyal than other people. They will only break your heart when they die.

Anonymous said...

ah that is beautiful x

Walter parker said...

I told you that it was good, didn't I? I also told you that others would appreciate it too! Didn't I ? Seriously, it is good and I would encourage more along those lines but only, like with this one, when it obviously comes from the heart. Take care there all of You.