Saturday, July 19, 2008


I finally finished sorting out all I wanted and needed to sort out on my pda's MortButtons program. I've been putting it off for a while as it seemed so daunting (though why, I don't know, because the games section was quite a bit larger than the programs one). Call me old school, but computers can't help me with everything. I divided 5 note cards into 16 equal pieces, just enough space to write the program's name (or part of it) on and then used those pieces to organize my list so I could just go one piece at a time to organize the list on the pda. This made things a lot easier and is how I got through sorting out all my games. I still have one little problem on a sub-set of my programs but I can fix that quick, I'm just not concerned about it. I fixed my file explorer issue and I THINK I got my Microsoft Reader pda issue resolved. I'm not sure as I haven't tested it again lately to make sure I DID fix it. I seem to be randomly losing files on my pda, but that might be me deleting them half-asleep and not remembering. Luckily, it's not been anything important - yet. I need to sit down in front of my desktop for a while and sort out that mess of pda backups etc and back up the cf card on there just in case. I have been so worn out lately though that getting me to not go straight from outside to bed is a miracle lately.
I am feeling better but I still don't know WHAT got me sick in the first place. I had a suspicion that it was something I ate, but considering how many other people around here have the exact same thing I do, it's hard to believe that we all would've eaten at the exact same place and we don't often eat each other's food unless we're grilling out, and some that are sick don't even grill out with us so that's out. Maybe it's the mere THOUGHT that the FDA still has no clue at all what caused the salmonella outbreak. Let's get real here, and I apologize if this sounds discriminatory, but it's probably sloppy, lazy, ignorant mexican farmers that are trying to cut costs and don't care about who they hurt, just like the Chinese did with our cat food. And raise your hands if, like me, you're STILL reading your pets' food labels and STILL refusing to buy anything with ANY gluten in it! I want clean, safe, healthy food. I shouldn't have to worry about what me and my babies are eating. And yes I know, they're cats, but they're my kiddos.
I've not been following the news much lately as I've been less-than-interested to say the least. I just don't care at this point. The economy as a whole sucks and I know this first-hand. I did get a lead on a potential job that would be in the sector I want and be a LOT more cash in my pocket. I was even told by this one guy that comes into work every morning to drop his name when I call. I'm not one for trying to sneak ahead of the line, but right now it's dog eat dog I guess and I think it's time for a career move!
So, now that ya'll know I'm ok and feeling better (I'm still not 100%), please quit worrying about me LOL. I want to thank all of you for your warm thoughts, well wishes, and even laughs over the last few days. I haven't gotten that far behind on my blog reading, I'm just brain dead at this point. So I'll write more later and I hope everyone is doing well.


Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling better x

Walter parker said...

Hi again Lynx. Welcome back. Happy to hear that you are feeling a little better. we will all be happier when you are a whole lot better again. Take care there.,