Monday, July 21, 2008

Assault via PD

I am a tireless supporter of law enforcement’s possession and use of tasers – in the proper situations and responsibly. But after the recent tasings of teenagers that were in no way a match for hefty adult, fit male police officers and the tasing of a BLIND woman by Dayton (OH) police has started to make me ponder if even law enforcement is mature and responsible enough to carry them. You don’t hear of private citizens tasing individuals unless they felt (rightfully) in danger. Yet it is starting to seem to me at least that police are beginning to get carried away to say the least. Now it’s supposed to be a non-lethal method of getting a combative suspect under arrest. But what good is a “non-lethal” method if it ends up being lethal – or even worse, used on someone that, even without a medical diagnosis, anyone with any common sense would know any use of force really isn’t necessary. You can’t tell me a couple cops can’t apprehend a blind person or a teenager. However, if you take away the tasers, that leaves cops with fists/batons and guns for the most part, which can be just as dangerous if not more so (as in the pistol’s case) than the taser.

So how do we weed out the taser-abusers BEFORE they hurt or kill someone? I’m not sure we can, and in a free society such as ours, there will soon be a counter-measure taken by the criminal underground to turn the high-tech taser into an antique piece of technology. This has been true since the beginning of the modern law-enforcement era, even in other cultures and countries. But with the police not getting the help they need in the cases that REQUIRE community support and help, this is NOT the way to get that community respect. Any officer caught abusing the usage of a taser should have his taser – and all his other weapons – taken from him and placed on desk duty, if not fired. We need to better screen our law enforcement for psychological and mental disorders, so that we don’t unwittingly give ANY weapon to someone not fit for them.

Any other suggestions?

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Walter parker said...

Good Blog Lynx. Like you I don't have the answer, but like you I can see both sides of the question and restraint on all sides is also to be called for.. Glad your back but don't overdo it will you and have to disapear again. Hang loose and hang in here.