Wednesday, July 2, 2008

'Ello, 'ello

I forgot to tell ya'll what I did yesterday, and if I already did, sorry, but I don't remember sht. I had to run an errand on the way home from work, so instead of just walking the last 3 blocks home, I had to walk about a mile home, but from the other side of town. No worries, I wanted to stop at the thrift store on the way. On the way I'd seen they had their bag sale sign up, and so I got a few bucks out of the bank while I was out so I could stop there on the way home in case they had anything worth taking. Well I walked out with 3/4 of a paper bag full of clothes, mostly tank tops and other summer shirts, mostly black lol as always. But I got 2 really nice shirts that will make for good interview shirts (IF anyone ever calls me in for one, I need to make some calls after the holiday weekend for sure), if not 3. But the happiest part is I have myself a new purse. Now I am a borderline purse collector, but I have managed to keep it logical. I have a small one for just like when I don't have any pockets and need something to put my wallet in (which is just really a coin purse that houses all my stuff in one spot), a medium one for everyday use, and my big one which I use for going to work etc. Well, it's that big one that really started showing signs of aging as one of the hand straps was starting to look like it was going to come off and I have no way of fixing it. And then night before last, the inside pouch zipper just came off. It didn't break off, it just never stopped when I went to zip it shut, so off it came! Well they had this really nice (black of course) purse there that looks brand new and is about the same size if not slightly larger than the other one, so it was the top of my bag lol. I had a couple other things in there, but that was what I was so happy about. Now I have a purse that TRULY matches my clothes in all sizes lmao. I think I'm done with my purse collecting - until one of them starts showing age, but considering my middle one is working on a decade old, I don't think I have anything to worry about there lol. But hey, all that clothing (and since I'm small I can fit a lot into a bag) and a purse for $3 - that's what I call being a SMART shopper on a budget lol.
So anyways, I'm off as I just realized that I'd scooped the cat box this morning but didn't dump it... I really should TRY to lift it, though I'm not sure I can. Yes, they pee THAT much. Plus it doesn't help I'm a bad mama, I didn't scoop it this weekend like I was supposed to.

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