Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Short Post

So I'm sitting outside, with a nice gentle breeze blowing over my bare feet. The sun is going down, so the sun isn't anywhere close to me. Scratch that... I'm going inside, too many bugs LOL.
Inside is cooler, but calmer. I've been eaten alive all summer it seems - and all spring too - even when I have the bug spray on. I think more of it is me FEELING like I'm getting eaten alive than me actually getting bitten, but I've had my share of bites. The worst were the ones on my feet - yes, ON my feet. I had several on the bottom of my feet, around my ankle bone, and a couple on toes. What the f***?!? It doesn't matter even if I wear long shirts, they'll find their way up my sleeve, just like that tick a couple months ago that found its way up my shoe and into my pants, settling on my chin bone before I felt him and pryed him off of me before he had the chance to go from hanging on to biting. It was the first tick I EVER had on me and I was upset. It turned out a day or two later another one had found its way inside the apartment, but it too was caught and killed. (And if you don't know how to kill a tick, I'm not telling you, because it's cruel, but they're hard bstrds to kill.) I was worried for a while that a cat might have one, but they never showed any signs of a tick, and a base inspection didn't turn up anything either. I'm more worried about fleas.
Work was ok, but it is work, and that being said, I am happy to be home! If only... Oh dear, let's not go there, I already dream of hitting the lottery every day I am at work, let's not extend that even further!
So, I know it's a short post, but I'm not very talkative either. I'll write more another day.


Walter parker said...

Ticks are not very nice I agree. We don't have them down here in Melbourne fortunately, But we had first hand experience with them in South Africa, both personally and particularly with the dogs. From Memory I don't think they bothered the cats too much, but we were always having to check the dogs for them and a couple of times very close top loosing a dog because of the little blood suckers and their resultant infections.
You are right to be careful of them.

Anonymous said...

yuk, some people just attract the bugs i go walking with a friend, the bugs always bite her and leave me alone same with hubby they like him too!