Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From FactCheck via Email...

The Truth on Troop Support?
July 22, 2008
A McCain TV ad says Obama "voted against funding our troops." He did, once. Every other time he voted in favor.
The McCain campaign is running a TV ad attacking Obama with statements that are literally true but paint an incomplete picture.

It says he "voted against funding our troops." He did – exactly once. Obama cast at least 10 votes for war-funding bills before voting against one last year after Bush vetoed a version that contained a date for withdrawal from Iraq.

It says he "hasn't been to Iraq for years." He was headed there at the time the ad was released, however, and had been there in 2006.

It says he "never held a single hearing on Afghanistan." It was the full Senate Foreign Relations Committee, not Obama's subcommittee, that had the hearings on this global hot spot, and Obama attended one of those. Over the same time period, McCain himself attended none of the Afghanistan hearings held by the
Armed Services Committee on which he serves.

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Walter parker said...

That is the trouble with truth Lynx. There is subjective truth and objective truth, as well as absolute truth. However most people sadly,look right through the last and look for whichever of the first two, that suits their own objectives or view.