Monday, July 21, 2008

So what have I been doing today? A lot of resting. I just crawled out of bed a couple hours ago – at lunchtime rofl. I just didn’t feel the need to get up, and for a little while, the queasiness was coming back, so I wasn’t about to try to get moving then. So I put off my laundry, and everything else, and kicked back a bit longer. I’ve slept way more this weekend than I normally do, but I’ve needed it with as sick as I got mid-week. I’ve tried to keep hydrated, as I know a lot of times stomach “bugs” are actually your stomach’s way of telling you that you’re starting to get dehydrated. But that wasn’t the case this time. But this morning it could very well have been, with as much as I sweat when I sleep (and I can’t sleep cold, even cool – it will keep me awake until my body presses the power OFF button rofl). But it all passed very quickly and by 1pm I had laundry going and I was starting to feel productive. But then I sat down in front of the computer and there goes that feeling right away LMAO. However, where we sit right now is load 2 is in the washer, done. But load 1 is still in the dryer, probably about half done. I will get up in a minute to gather load 3 and get that downstairs so at least it’s ready. Maybe that’ll help me feel more productive. Or maybe I should just learn to relax a little more and enjoy it? Wait, that would be so out of character for me LOL.

I de-matted the cats today and later they will get their powder baths and claw trimmings – IF I can muster up the energy. Curzon RARELY gets a mat, and I don’t think it’s because of his meticulous grooming habits – his sister is just as meticulous, and Nimbus probably even more so than either one of the twins. I think Curzon’s fur just doesn’t bunch up like the others’ do and so it doesn’t turn into a mat festival in his fur. Jadzia had a bunch of little ones, and while I do have the comb, it doesn’t really work well on little mats and it just turns a big mat into several little ones anyway. Scissors are just quicker and safer in the long haul (as I’m not as likely to get mauled). And considering how long I’ve been de-matting these cats, I know how to do it and not hurt them. Most people tend to forget or don’t know that you don’t have to cut the entire mat out. Just cut right above where the mat starts (skin-side) and you’ll get out the mat, and what you leave behind can easily be combed out – and you don’t have to worry nearly as much about cutting the cat – even in tighter areas. Nimbus had a few, but his were big ones, one was even a two-part mat with fur going from one to the other, trying to hide his little “tool” – poor feller! I snipped both sides off and he laid on me on his back ever-so patiently. He took the indignity quite well, which is rare for him. His others were down in that area as well, though behind his thighs, except for the one he gets on his right side on the outside by his hip. He always gets one right there, no matter what I do, same spot every time. It doesn’t matter if I comb it out, rake it out, or cut it out, it’s like he grows a mat there! But he’s pretty good about staying still when I have scissors in my hand (as is his mother), like he likes the attention (and he’s not much for affection at all lol). So later on I guess I’ll get the drive and energy up to powder bathe these fellers and hope that works, because I really don’t want to have to bathe the monster – errr, Jadzia.

I took this picture of Nimbus yesterday. He's up on top of our (non-functioning) entertainment center with his head hanging down while I'm sitting on the floor.
So that's what I'm doing today, hope you all are having a good day!

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Kahless said...

Nimbus is very handsome.