Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lying and Stealing in Hollywood

There are few things that upset me more than stealing. One of those is lying.
I remember when Carlos Mencia first came onto the scene a few years back. His was a sense of humor I just had to laugh at. But the more I watched his show, the more I felt something wasn't right.
What wasn't - and isn't - right is his well-documented joke theft. He might not steal the entire joke, but he steals the punch line, which IS the joke.
What's worse is that he continues to deny it, though the proof is right in front of him - on tape.
We all know that comedians from time to time have "borrowed" previous generations' jokes. But they won't deny it when questioned. It'd be like a musician today denying that the song he just put out was his when some famous musician just a generation ago did the EXACT same song.
So my problem isn't so much that he's used others' work. It's that he has lied about it, denying it - which turns it from borrowing into stealing.
Let's grow up, Carlos. We need some REAL humor. Not a bunch of lies. And by the way, Hondurans aren't beaners. So you're only HALF a beaner, IF that. And if you want to get technical, you're not even that. You were BORN Honduran, even if your mama's Mexican. You're just a latino hood rat. Your crimes just aren't as easily prosecuted.

"...The truth will set you free."
So where's the truth?

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