Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Monday...

Today is laundry day - as Mondays are supposed to be. I just get lazy sometimes, and today would be one of those days if I didn't have a pile of dirty laundry at the foot of the bed on the floor. I stuffed my "laundry basket" (which is just a 13 gallon trash can that some idiot threw away months ago that was brand new - still had the tag on it in mint condition - that I washed and use as a basket because it's easier for me to carry) twice, to the point of having to sit on it to stuff the laundry down. I got the roommate to help me the first trip down as it was packed full of tshirts and I didn't feel like hauling it. The second load (which each "basket" the way I have them stuffed is 2 washer loads) is full of mainly jeans and the towels I missed earlier in the week when I did the emergency load. I had wanted to do the bed linens and stuff - and I still might - but I am out of Bounce dryer sheets after the 4 loads - and that's jipping the jeans a sheet. I'm not going out on a walk merely for another box of dryer sheets when the laundry can wait and the worst of it will be done. It rained so much yesterday that the bugs are out in full force today and I have already been bit once just in the brief span of going down to the basement to load up the washer. So I'm not doing any walking today. I might jump over to the grocery store tomorrow after work (if I can get out right on time), and if I do, I'll grab some while I'm over there.
I'm really upset with the thrift store right now. Remember when I got that bag for $3? Well my dumb @ss didn't check the one pair of jeans that I snatched up. The zipper is RUINED. It should have NEVER been on the shelves without a note about the zipper. But it's half my fault for not checking and getting excited over a pair of jeans in MY style in MY size. But if my leg muscles get much bigger I won't be able to wear them anyways lol. I'm going to take them to an alteration place and see how much they charge for putting in a new zipper. It'll be worth it to have another pair of jeans - maybe I can see if I can get them to permanently dye them black too. I need black jeans for work and I'd love to have another pair to add to my work wardrobe.
By the way folks, I want to introduce a friend of mine to the rest of ya'll. Ya may have noticed Lee commenting on a recent blog post, we go back a long way. He's probably one of the sweetest people I ever met online, and the coolest part - he truly appreciates cats. He works with the ones that comes around his place, trying to tame down the kittens so that they can get more used to humans and get the care they need, and he volunteers at his local SPCA to help with their cats. I could go on and on about all he does for our feline counterparts, but I think ya'll get the point. As my Mom would probably say, he's good peeps. Now all we need to do is get him to get his own blog up and running so he can help get some of his feline friends adopted out of the shelter.
(As a comic break because as I write this I need to stop to take care of the laundry - remember any time someone's giving you grief - karma is a b*tch and maybe sometime when they're on the way home or out running errands theirs will come back to haunt them when someone lets off a toxic silent fart next to them! LOL)
Ok 15 minutes later I'm back (yes it took me that long, I had to empty out the laundry basket, sort the two loads up, put the clean, dry load in there and then move the wash load into the dryer and then pick up the jeans off of the floor and put them in the washer), and I'm starting to think that maybe I'm a little crazy to do 4 loads of laundry on a day I feel so lazy. But I'm going to keep going, as there's no sense on stopping now with load 3 in the washer. Maybe after I'm done I'll clean my side of the bedroom. I am the one that made it a mess, so I should clean it up. And it would be nice to be able to walk over there! LOL. That's something I usually do though when there's company over and I don't feel like being sociable. Sometimes I'll do it at other times, but I usually feel like I'm in someone's way. Why I don't feel like that when company's over and I keep coming out with trash, I don't know lol.
Jadzia has become our litterbox freak. It used to be Nimbus, but I think they realized Jadzia's protests are more noticeable and get more prompt reactions LOL. So now they got me doing what I should've been doing all along - scooping the box every other day. I really should do it every day but I can't do that all the time since I tend to fall asleep sometimes right after work. So I don't want the cats thinking they'll get it every day. What I need is an air-tight trash can that I can just dump into and throw out when I fill it up, but it'd have to be small too as clumped cat litter is HEAVY. I don't know how many of you use it, but what comes out of the box fresh at 14lb will go into the trash at 30lb at least. There's no exaggerating there. And considering I usually use at least 14lb in the litterbox, naw... it's got to be kept up on. I can LIFT 30lb, but I'm not lifting it up over my head to put it in the trash. The one time I let it go that bad and I just dumped the whole litterbox in the trash, I just put the box in a trash bag, emptied the box, tied up the bag and put it up where the cats couldn't get to it so easily (as Curzon likes chewing on plastic and trash bags are easy chewin'), and when I got to work (it was an emergency - and at 345am YIKES) and called Mr. Cat to let him know I made it like I always do when walking to work, I told him as soon as he got up and about that there was a trash bag in the kitchen that HAD to go out. LMAO he wasn't expecting it to be THAT heavy either (though it was easy lifting for Mr. Muscles but still... LOL), but like I told him, the girl didn't leave me a choice and I didn't have TIME to scoop.
But how many of us have been there, maybe not that precise situation, but have been in a hurry to get out the door and something came up we HAD to take care of even though we didn't really have the time to deal with it? Do you calmly but promptly take care of it and get back to what you were doing or do you go "oh well" and deal with it later when the situation goes from bad to worse?
I have such a good working relationship with those at work that depend on me to get to work on time that they understand that, because I walk a lot to work, I might be a wee late once in a while. And they also know my work ethic - if I THINK I might even be A MINUTE late, I will call them as they are used to me being 15 minutes early usually. It's not that either of us are worried about me being late - who isn't once in a blue moon (which I've only been late ONCE and it wasn't my fault - and it wasn't just me late lol) - it's the fact I don't want anyone worried about me considering the distance and time of morning I'm walking. And besides, I'm done with rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off every morning. I don't get done any faster, leave any sooner, or arrive much earlier to work. So why rush? I'll save the rushing for when I HAVE to. Maybe I'll just call out "sick" sometime. NOT... lol That would be something I've NEVER done in my life. Heck I rarely call out when I AM sick! Stubbornness, persistence, or stupidity, I don't know.
Anyways, my point is... in everything we do, big or little, we need to think about how what we do on a daily basis affects us and those around us. We can't just go through life like we're top dog and f*** everyone else. Like I said, Karma's a b**** and she WILL come back to haunt you. It may not come immediately, but it always makes a return trip. I know, some of you don't believe in "karma" - and I don't per se, but I also have seen "karma" come back to haunt those who fkd with me and I had NOTHING to do with it. Maybe it's just a wee coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidence at all. EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
Let's even ASSUME it was coincidence. Why then would've two near-death kittens come into my life just a month after my (and most Americans') life changed forever in 2001? September was crazy hell for me, not just because of that day. So in October, for these two little kiddos to find their way to me when we needed each other most - that's not coincidence. Call it divine intervention, karma, whatever. It was NOT coincidence. And I'll be doggone to have anyone tell me it was, cause coincidence would've been at a random time, probably not when I needed them. I didn't WANT another cat. Putting Snow down was hard enough. But I NEEDED one. I just ended up with two lmao.
So there ya go. Another blog that ended up way longer than I'd intended it to be. Enjoy if you dare LOL.

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Walter parker said...

Great post Lynx. As you said a bit long, but there is some great stuff in it. Very positive. Keep it up.