Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Make a Cat Ecstatic

...And no I mean ecstatic. Not just happy.
First of all, on the vet front, the appointment is set for next Monday afternoon. I am hopeful there isn't anything wrong with him except his pre-existing heart condition (and hope it's not gotten worse since he's been off of the meds) and hopefully a minor sinus infection if not something even more minor. So by this time next week we'll have a fresh bill of health on the Boo - and though my wallet will take a small hit, it'll be much smaller than the only other option and it will get him back on his meds.
Now, back on how to make a cat ecstatic.
They just started advertising this new canned food by Purina (which you all know is the only brand of cat food I will buy - especially after the recalls) specifically for indoor cats. It's just like the dry stuff I feed them, hairball help etc. Just this stuff is wet - and they LOVE wet. With Nimbus loosing some weight lately, he's looking a little "small" and so of course I worry that he's not eating enough. Well put THAT fear to rest. I bought 2 cans of the 4 varieties my local grocery store had today. I got home and opened up the first set - Salmon. Greepers! If you were a fly on the wall and just flown in, you'd thought both Nimbus AND Jadzia were starving! Poor Curzon couldn't get a nose in edgewise lol. Nimbus was hogging the bowl, and Jadzia was eating off of the fork like she was ripping meat off of a freshly-killed carcass. I swear they ate for 20 minutes straight. Yes, Curzon got to eat, but he had to take his meal in sections as every time he tried to shove someone out of the bowl, someone else came in to shove him out! Nimbus only stopped long enough to get a drink and use the box before grabbing a dessert portion of his meal. Now that everyone's done eating, it's bath time, and we will see how long it takes them to pig out again - and who gets in first lol. I felt bad for not ensuring Jadzia got the bowl first, but Nimbus caught one whiff of it and OWNED the bowl for a good 10 minutes. I was watching Nimbus eat and just the looks I was getting from Jadzia were pitiful so I stole some of the food out of the bowl and fed Jadzia. Spoiled cats, eh? Eating right off the fork... She ate out of the can for a few minutes but she really likes to watch what's going on while she's eating - so no one can shove her out of her meal lol.
On to other things...
Work, work work... need I say more? It's another cheesecake day for me. As soon as I post this, I do believe too. I think that quarter section in the fridge has to "disappear" soon lmao. I still have a piece of quesadilla in the fridge too from dinner the night before last that really has to get eaten too, but cheesecake first! ;-)
I'm going to bug the one main job lead I have again this weekend or at least on Friday. I don't think once a week or week and a half is too much, do you?
I am off for now, to eat, catch up on the blogosphere, and maybe peek in and say hi!

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