Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Packrat-ism LOL

This time it wasn't Walter that triggered a blog... it was Andrew's turn!
It dawned on me, how often have I let go of my meticulous control of my finances because I'm just too messy otherwise? I'm quite the packrat, but when it comes to my pocketbook everything BETTER be accounted for, right down to the penny. But sometimes I slip up.
So here's my thought today? What one spot in our little world can we get better control over?
Mine's my desk. But I need a trash can first. And I will NOT use the one I use for the nasty cat litter. So I guess I need to buy one, eh?

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Walter parker said...

Hey Lynx when you do your desk, come and do mine too please? I did make some sort of attempt a few days back, but looking at it one would never know unless sen just prior to my attempt. TCT.