Saturday, September 6, 2008


YUCK YUCK YUCK. I HATE this weather. It's therapeutic in the sense of
the sound of the rain, but it's nasty out. It's humid as AZ during
monsoon season (or FL - but I've only been to AZ), dark as it should
be in 5 hours or so (and it's been this dark all day), and though it's
been raining steady for a while now, it's still warm outside compared
to what it SHOULD be after all this rain. The creek is up, but not
anywhere near flooding yet. (And I am so tired of the yanks up here
mispronouncing creek. If it was MEANT to sound like "crick" it would
be spelled that way. Maybe that's the midwestern side of me, insisting
on pronouncing words as they're spelled whenever possible.) It was
warm and humid this morning as well. It was in the low 70s but 100%
humidity, so it FELT more like a miserable 80something. The walk took
an extra 5-10 minutes, not because of me lollygagging around, but
because I had to stop so many times to catch my breath! I had to even
stop once to get my bottle out so I could get a drink of tea - I
normally only have to do that when I'm out walking in the hot sun! But
trust me there was NO sun at 4am. I wish there was sunlight out this
morning, it would've meant it was later than 6am! Ahhh to sleep, wait
what is that? LOL at least I have some time off... I need it.
The cats are doing well, pigs as always (well, except for Curzon, the
not-so-piggy furball). They got canned food yesterday, their very
favorite one too. I decided that, though I don't like one of the
ingredients, the cats don't seem to be having any problem digesting
it, and with all the water Nimbus has been drinking lately, I don't
think he could POSSIBLY get blocked ROFL. Jadzia got fed by fork, as
the boys were eating out of the bowls. I swear to you she looked like
she was a mini lion ripping meat off of a fresh kill the way she was
taking the food off of the fork! Nimbus is doing ok too, though I'm
starting to think he has a case of congestion, and I'm not sure what
to do about it. I may call the vet Monday and see what she says,
though I'm sure if we decide to take him in, he'll promptly get rid of
any congestion like he did last time!
I want everyone to know that I have been reading your blogs, and I
know some of you disagree with me politically. But I want everyone to
know how much I appreciate the civility that has been shown between
all of us during what can easily become a high-stress, high-friction
time. I have seen more civility amongst my blog friends over some very
serious stuff than I ever saw over the smallest crap in any chat room!
So I am off for now, to rest and enjoy my day off. With the weather as
gloomy as it is, it might just be an early night for me because this
weather has made me even more sleepy! And pray that they fix the
busted water line before I go back to work on Tuesday - that was NOT
fun! Thank goodness I didn't have to be the one to mop all of the
water up - but at the same time I'm glad I caught it when I did,
before it had the chance to cause much damage. And all my thoughts to
those of you affected by Gustav and Hanna, and those preparing for
Ike. Here's to hoping Josephine dies off, because 3 hurricanes or
near-hurricanes in a week or two is just too many as it is! We don't
need a 4th! Too bad we can't bottle up a storm and send it where they
NEED the rain. I'm sure we've had enough today to last a while. They
say in today's paper that we could get a MONTH'S worth of rain TODAY.
Yuck. So cy'all later.

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an average patriot said...

I love rainy days they are very comforting! How many cats do you have? My wife was just saying when our cat dies that's it because of the expense but she is sick of cleaning up kitty litter!