Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Couple Things.

Added the new "Followers" widget... and if I read your blog, you've got yourself a follower. If you know I read your blog, and when you add this widget (if you do) and you don't see me, let me know. I don't know if it works.
Nimbus is doing better - it seems. He gave us a scare Monday night, but he hasn't since. I'm not sure yet if it's seasonal allergies or not, but I'm hoping we have it nipped, whatever it is. There is NOTHING scarier than seeing your pet stop breathing out of nowhere and needing a breath of YOUR air to get back to normal. I have no problem doing that though. Then again, what pet lover wouldn't do that for one of their beloved animals, eh? Heck, I'd do it for any cat, even if I had to rip off a sweater or shirt to put around a stray's head 'cause of the dirt.
Work sucks, but when doesn't it? I'm managing though. Paycheck took a hit, but I was expecting it.
Trying to get lost in the music etc, but that's hard right now. I can't seem to get lost in ANYTHING right now.
So I am off to try to at least relax before going through my evening ritual. Hope everyone is well.

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