Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Note (or two, or more lol)

Hello friends, what a week, eh? I still have two more days to go on my week, but that's ok.
I got the cats some of that cat grass that you grow inside, that comes in its own (usually plastic) container... I tried this on them before, but I guess they were just too young for it (though it was only a couple years ago or so). Now Jadzia and Curzon are just loving it (Nimbus STILL couldn't care less, but that is typical LMAO). They each have their own styles too. Curzon just chews until a piece comes off, Jadzia rips, even if it means the whole blade, root and seed included! Such a silly cat.
Nimbus is doing good, his breathing (*hold breath*) sounds better. He was able to take cuddles without getting that sound in his breath. So I guess that is progress. I am holding out hope that the antihistamines is what he needed after all. I'm still grateful that the vet didn't find the murmur this time either. I think she doesn't like me being so worried about the cat, but geez, when a cat faints from lack of oxygen, what else is one to do? A part of me has concerns about this vet, but she is open to discussions about the animal's care and that's more than I get out of most vets. Most are determined to just make a diagnosis, hand you a big bill, and send you on your way.
Work was work, bleh, lol. Not exciting like Tuesday...
Oh sht that's right, I didn't get to tell you guys! I finally made my first step into my coveted Station 4 (or whatever number I gave it, I forgot now lol). I got to be up there all day on Tuesday! Oh and add on, I got 3 extra hours in 'cause someone else wanted to go home, and because I said I'd take over, they let her. I was so happy Tuesday, that 11 hours didn't seem like much. See, guys, I told you, put me where I WANT to be and I'll be happy. Now lets see of the bosses get the drift... I don't hold out too much hope. But I was there so long I drank a whole half gallon of my beloved peach tea while I was there! I think I had like half of my 20oz bottle left when I got home and the half gallon jug was empty. LMAO. I don't do that often, heck that's only the 2nd or 3rd time I think... Happiness (or just sheer busyness) will do that to me.
This anniversary of 9/11 has passed quietly, like the others, thank God. Whew. I wasn't so much worried about this one though. Other coworkers of mine were though, but we proceeded through the day as if it was any other day. What choice was there? Work had to be done.
Well folks I'm off for now, as (though you can't see it - thank God for backspace) my fingers have gone dyslexic on me! lol... In all seriousness, it just shows I need to rest!

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