Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Brief Post

During my brief news watching today, I saw a very interesting interview with "the Donald", aka Donald Trump.
I really don't have much respect for most multi-millionaires, as most seem to be greedy and selfish.
But I like the way he thinks. He's no typical rich man, he's not voting McCain, he's anti-Bush.
He agrees with yanking the golden parachutes away from bankrupt companies' CEO's. He agrees that the bailout was a necessary evil.
Most importantly, he knows too that, in the long term, we will recover, though the short term looks bleak right now.
I guess we'll have to add him to the list of GOOD millionaires, er billionaires. Boy what a short list...
Gates for all the money he donates to so many various foundations, and his own, ensuring that kids in school get to have computers in school.
Buffett for realizing he can never spend all of his money, therefore promising to give almost his entire fortune away, a good chunk to Gates' foundation. He also isn't a high-paid CEO (do the research, you'll be surprised how little his salary is).
And now Donald... for being rich AND smart. Though his position is tenuous right now, I do think being rich and smart deserves at least SOME kudos!

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